A bloody Boruta steak? And why not f*cking potatoes?


Sorry I couldn’t order a Boruta sandwich because the restaurant was out of bread… :haha:

So… week #7 of the Boruta disaster. No rewards this week for my poor char… What changed? Not much… and alot at the same time.

First, we got hit by server time adjustment. So yeah, Boruta event started at 6pm, which isn’t very helpful when you have to work till 7pm, come back home and see that Boruta is already half dead.

Second, channel didn’t pass the 70/100 mark, meaning no crash during the event (at least once I entered… no idea if the channel crashed before but I presume it did not). So where did all players go? Well, they “veni”, they “vidi”… and since they couldn’t “vici” they decided it was time to do something else I guess.

That’s pretty much the main concern here: Boruta event is time consuming, and has “somewhat” good rewards… but you have to be in the top 70% to receive anything. Basically, you need 30% of participants to “come for nothing” in order to get something. And people will simply not waste a whole evening (and more if it’s still the case on other servers) for nothing. Currently, you still get contribution for your guild if you stay inside, survive and try to obtain gimmicks, so it’s still viable to come and push your guild upwards in the ranks. But what when only damage will count? You’ll get zero contribution for the guild and zero contribution for yourself… basically a waste of time. So in the end, will only the most dominant guild do Boruta? Will this become another guild event for one guild? And what will become when the bottom 30% of that guild will start getting nothing because they’re the only one remaining?

Oh well, there are still plenty of stuff to do in game. Irredian shelter is coming today, and expect to see that channel crashing a lot in the next weeks :slight_smile:

PS: I dunno about the “bloody” joke, but it was fun farming event potatoes during Boruta yesterday, at least it wasn’t for nothing after all… :haha:


There are many updates and changes with Boruta on the way… Changes are being implemented in kTOS even right now as we speak. It may be slow but the dev team is and always will be working to alleviate some of the problems(all valid points imo) that you’ve brought up.


Can you please just delete this dumpster fire of content similar to what you did with the old GVG? It is just a loot pinata for the superguild and encourages stacking the entire population of the server into 3 guilds.

No amount of changes will actually fix it, the content fails at its foundation and may be the worst content to ever be released in any MMORPG, and I have played a lot of them.

The superguild is simply stacking bodies in the channel to reach the 100 character limit and completely shutting out everyone else. Time to raise the channel cap to 300.


The changes are nice!!

But what Remiri said is also true: In all servers the guild with more players inside the lair wins.
Increase the channel’s capacity to 300 or no changes will be able to save content (and I’ve won 5 times out of the 6 contests)


It boggles my mind that they can release a single channel, server-wide, GVG content with a 100 character limit.

It is like they are anticipating only 100 people want to actually play the content, which may be surprisingly on the mark.



Can you rush a fix for the bug of consuming Seals if trying to enter with channel full? This is disturbing.


This just seems to be in line with everything else IMC has done over the years with ToS


The worst is that it starts at 5pm.
When the adults are coming from work the Boruta channel is already full


For Klaipeda it is 7pm Eastern, so pretty much right after work for East Coast, or during work hours for West Coast.

Even as a resident of the East Coast I can sympathize with all West Coast players who are completely shut out of the content, provided they aren’t manchildren or actual children.


7pm is “ok”… But 8pm will be great for all servers…
You can imagine doing that at 5pm? We arrived from work 7pm or 8pm and the channel is already full …


You can’t fix this content with ToS working the way it does. When the content came up broken af and obviously so not just the first week, but the subsequent week, it should have been removed until adequate changes could be made. Upon realizing your channels can’t handle more than 25 people reliably it should have been canned.

Boruta isn’t even a cool concept beyond the baseline premise. ‘GvG with a boss’ - okay maybe… 100 player limit… okay maybe not in our game.

I’m glad we have new seals coming in to the game so everyone can at least fill the slot with something that wasn’t a free handout but this content has been and continues to be the most devastating ting to ever happen to an mmo community I was a part of. Forget all the other exploits abused over the years, this one takes the cake for ruining an already small community’s ties. Numerous guilds folded into others and people have come and gone from guilds based on ‘my guild doesn’t like yours’ which from my point of view stems from Boruta.

I don’t think IMC has any way to raise the channel limit given how poorly optimized the client is and how unstable the servers are. No adjustments to soul crystal use and such will fix this. The rewards schemes will always favor the top dog and so there is no reason not to team up and enjoy the leftovers.

Sunk cost fallacy is a harsh reality IMC but its time to pull the plug.


I guess GTW channels is up to 200 slots.


The Boss itself isn’t even threatening, he is damage sponge with 3 boring attacks. There are monster card album bosses with better mechanics.

More like Bore-uta


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dude, give us some FPS
can you sell them in TP cubes or smth?


Please don’t troll a Boruta feedback thread, thanks.


In my opinion boruta should be 1 instance per guild, with Boruta sharing its Hp bar between all instances. I believe this would lead to some competition instead of what we have now…


interested to see what your definition of superguild is


None of the changes the Devs are willing to make will fix this content.

You’ve given a hard to obtain must have reward to the 3 guilds with the highest amount of players. That is what this content is. Just free must have equipment for 3 biggest guilds.

It’s not frequent enough, it takes too long, mixing Bossing and PvP is a bad idea.

and at this point, you can’t even take it back like Remiri wants you to, you remove it and those with Boruta Seals have a massive advantage over those who don’t and no way to ever get it. Same goes for piss accessories.

The best thing you can possibly do is give up on trying to make this content in any way difficult. Cut Boruta’s hp down to like 40% of it’s current value and make it a daily thing and remove PvP from it.

Flood the game with the rewards to devalue the ■■■■ out of them so we can forget this mistake ever happened.

The devs won’t do it though, so we’re going to be eternally complaining about and dreading this content. Oh it’s monday, we gotta afk in Boruta and hope that the biggest guild in the server hates us less than the others showing up so we can be 1 of the players to occupy the 100 spaces allowed.

■■■■ small guilds, ■■■■ enemies of the guild with the highest amount of players. Go grind HG for 5 chances at a shitty seal a week.

Mass PvP is garbage, add in bossing and a bad combat system and server, and you have the worst content ever. What could make it worse? Amazing must have rewards only obtainable via this content.


Please remove this content already. Even if we are trying to put efforts for 6 hours a day (if ever), The start time for this content is so bad for PST timezone people, basically we can’t play and if you are late to this content, prepare to burn seals because the channel is always capped at 100. How does this 100 per channel thing gonna work for GvG? I could very care less about PvP and GvG but you have some end game gear lock in it! that’s the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

This content also defeats the idea to have various guilds, due to the friendly fire. So people just desert their pride and roaches into one guild hoping to get rid of this thing. This is completely not healthy at all for your play environment.

This content needs to go.