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A bloody Boruta steak? And why not f*cking potatoes?


I think the game design for a long time is to keep the strong at the top. Then if you want to catch up you will have to pay money of course. I would not be surprised of a new cube giving away things that most people worked hard in game for.


The current changes don’t fix anything though, they simply make things worse. Because there’s no alternative. Either you leave the biggest guild do all the work on Boruta and you don’t get any personal reward due to the 70% cutoff (and soon you won’t get guild contribution either), or you wreck havoc and you waste everyone’s time. In both cases it’s a lose-lose situation.

As I said, this week on Fedi only 70 people participated, and that’s not because the server’s population is low, but simply because people are fed up wasting their time for nothing.


No idea how you guys do… When your outside of Boruta’s LOS and approach him, you freeze for like 10 seconds and then your FPS stabilizes at a very low value. It’s so bad you just hear a buzzing sound when Boruta roars…

I see two possibilities for the content to improve:

  1. Add PvP contribution, remove need to kill the dragon to get rewards, limit entry to one hour like with Gemstone Feud and make it a daily event with rewards distributed at the end of the week


  1. Add a “Boruta” buff that lasts one hour when you enter the cave, throws you out of the cave when it runs out and is replaced by a “Boruta” debuff which prevents you from entering for one hour

The first one would allow everyone to go wild without having to care about Boruta if you don’t want. The second one would allow different people to have a go at Boruta.

In any case, the stupid 70% cutoff has to go. I don’t think giving 45 shards and some marks once a week to people that participate is more stupid than spamming 1000 AP or similar stuff daily to everyone by simply clicking on the frigging Event Notice Board!



Boruta seals are still bugged after this patch to consume one per entry and not one per day. Can you please comment on this?

It is also eating up a seal every time you try to enter and the channel is full.

There is no way to compete!!

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Boruta changes:

  • CH limit to 300.
  • Schedule changed to 7pm or 8pm
  • Boruta seals fix (1 per day)

Easiest solution:
Boruta twice per week

  • Monday - Friday, 20:00 - 01:00

  • Saturday - Sunday 16:00 -21:00

  • People who joined within the week can’t enter Borutas lair on the weekends and vice versa.

  • guilds that ranked within the top 3 neither receive any guild contribution nor rewards when guild members participate on the second Boruta

Channel limit increased to 150, so a maximum of 300 people can join Boruta per week (which is enough in my opinion, the servers won’t last if you overload them at the current performance)


Would need to have reduced HP for this to be feasible but its something. Only the top guild can DPS him down in a day, and that is only if they have no interruptions.


Boruta is top content, only the strongest guilds with the best setup will be able to bring him down fast enough anyway.

And by the way, Borutas regeneration will be removed, so it doesn’t really matter. The weaker guilds/random people can do it well under the week, while guilds might want to focus on him at the weekend when more people are available.

It’s strange to think that Boruta is supposed to die within 2-3 hours as it’s currently happening serverwide on iTOS. 5 days a 5 hours each under the week is a good incentive for random people to try the content, while larger guilds might want to take advantage of the shorter but better weekend schedule to get it over with (as they need about 2-4 hours max with a good setup [around 40-50 people]) since it’s easier to coordinate attendance on the weekends.

The current schedule is just stupid, it does not take into consideration the possibility that Boruta dies on the 1st day. After that it’s 6 days of waiting till next Boruta.
Also makes it easier to monopolize the rewards since those who come even an hour late are not getting anything.


As long as the current model of

  • top guild runs full dps, doesn’t have to care about the mark because the other 2 ally guilds focus on PVP to keep everyone out and stack the channel to 100

is disrupted in some way, the content will be better.

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