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5th Anniversary Secret Shop

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘5th Anniversary Secret Shop’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

instead of creating charts explaining WTF you have to do to get 348563847563845 different things, why not just make it easy to begin with?


Agree, they could’ve just made it straight forward. Save effort and time coding.

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If they make it so easy, then even the dumbest player will realize it’s the same grindy event as always, just with extra RNG and grind added to get the coins to reset the shop to ones liking.

Can’t wait for the vaivora exchange shop,though, will be very useful


STEP 6. Special Vaivora Combining Shop

  • You can exchange Lv.1 Vaivora Weapon (Ichor included) into other Lv.1 Vaivora Weapon by using the Event Coins. (up to 3 times per team during the event period)
  • Lv.2 Vaivora Weapon cannot be exchanged.
  • Items required for Combining Lv.1 Vaivora: Lv.1 Vaivora Weapon x1, [Event] TOS Coin x1000, [Event] 5th Anniversary Coin x50

Just realized the vaivora you get is random (not written in the iTOS description).
Source: the Korean event description

5주년] 특별한 케도라 상인 NPC를 통해 소지 한 LV1 바이보라 무기(아이커 포함) 를 랜덤한 다른 LV1 바이보라 무기와 바꿔보세요!

just another gambling

yeah, but I don’t mind the gambling tbh, I just bought 2 vaivoras a 100m, at worst I lost the registration fee and 20m market fee. I still need the trinket after all.

So, uh, if the coordination and concentrated defence are excluded…
what shield is supposed to be contained in the [Event] Vaivora Unique Weapon Selection Box (Sheild, Blunt, Dagger)?
Those are the only two shields, after all. Maybe it should be renamed into [Event] Vaivora Unique Weapon Selection Box (Blunt, Dagger) before someone buys it thinking he could get a shield.


  1. Field Farm 100 5th Anniversary Coin.
  2. Do content until you have 1000 TOS Coin.
  3. AFK 10 hours.

Everyday it is.

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Vaivora trinket - Coordination? excluded from vaivora exchange list

it’s only listed as excluded from the vaivora random/select boxes, not from the exchange list:

[이벤트] 바이보라 유니크무기 랜덤, 선택상자에서는 아래 항목이 구성품에서 제외됩니다.
바이보라 소드 - 협응
바이보라 트링킷 - 협응
바이보라 실드 - 협응
바이보라 실드 - 집중방어
바이보라 대거 - 협응
바이보라 소드 - 반향

at least according to IMC

The new vaivoras (Sadhu,Bokor,Nak Muay, Arquebusier & Clown) cannot be obtained at all from the event.

Yeah, but to be fair, chances of getting a specific vaivoras are grim even using all 3 tries.
There is a chance at least, though.

the chances are higher than dropping the one you want,though :tired:

the chance are exactly the same, 1 out of 47 vaivora available

if they copy-pasted the event from KTOS, Sadhu,Bokor,Nak Muay, Arquebusier & Clown vaivora cannot be obtained from the event.

that is a big IF versus 3 attempt

In the worst case you get exactly the same vaivora that you used for the exchange :tired: (cause IMC didn’t learn to exclude stuff like that in exchange situations)

And if not, chances are high that the result will be worth more than the input (about 15 vaivoras are garbage, which is only 1/3, the rest is worth more than the bargain chip you used).

The best things you can get from the event are 2 free vaivoras, 4 legend 440 armor T8 scrolls and 3 unidentified mystic tomes. Spending some of the coins on vaivora exchange is worth it

Good enough for my acc that have been ‘blessed’ with rain of slash space.

whats the ACTUAL comamnd for this event?
/5thanniversary not working


its bring the exact same window from button

It’s a nice simple event

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