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3 easy ways to fix Thaumaturge

While Thaumaturge is not in the worst of spots, it certainly is a bit limited, since the class hardly has any attributes and with their skills not changing much over the last few months and years, it puts the class in an awkward spot building anything other than the popular Corsair > Enchanter > Thaumaturge build.

Here are my 3 easy ways to fix Thaumaturge and make it more desirable and versatile:

1. Rework Quicken
2. Give Reversi an useful ARTS
3. Turn Swell Brain ARTS into % stat increase buffs

Make it a buff that allows you to gain the maximum attack speed for a short duration and let it make debuffs last for 20% longer while increasing the hit cycles of damage over time debuffs by 50%.

  • Attribute 1: Increase movement speed by 1 for each attribute level (Max level: 3).
  • Attribute 2: While Swell Hands and Swell Brain are active, Quicken bypasses 10% of the enemies DEF & MDEF (Max level: 1)

Reversi ARTS: Turns Reversi into a buff skill that lasts for 60 seconds. Every 20 seconds one the following effects are being cycled through in this order:

  • Electric Shock is now an AOE skill with 100% increased damage and using Unbind during Electric Shock will create an additional hit.
  • Applies bleeding with 50% chance with any Rogue attack skill (including Lachrymator: Lethal Gas). Bleeding damage increased by 100%. Massive bleeding damage increased by 300%.
  • Turns Double Weapon Assault into a stance. Makes Keel Hauling not requiring Iron Hook to inflict damage and increases its damage by 50%. Iron Hooked enemies take 100% more damage from Double Weapon Assault during and 10 seconds after it.

The attributes for the flat status increases for Swell Brain are nice in the beginning, but fall off hard later in the game. There’s an easy fix, which is to turn both ARTS into a 10% status increase per attribute level.

Hello @rivayir,

We will forward your suggestion to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future. Thank you.