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3 easy ways to fix Matador

I love the class concept of Matador, but I’m very much disappointed that it’s only real use is being an accessory for Fencers, or Fencer-based build when it could be so much more.

Here are my 3 easy ways to fix Matador and make it more versatile:

1. Buff the skill factors of all attack skills heavily
2. Rework Muleta and Faena
3. Make it have synergy with more classes (Peltasta, Rodelero, Murmillo, Barbarian, Highlander, Nak Muay, Templar, etc.)

Matador is still sitting on skill factors that were introduced when Rebuild hit. This is unacceptable, since so many other classes received many skill factor buffs and reworks over the years.

Muleta and Faena are clunky and not fun to use. Faena hits being reliant on RNG is as unfun as it gets. No attack skill should work this way, as it makes it unreliable. I would rework Muleta into a buff skill that greatly benefit shield classes with attributes that benefit other classes as well.

Why does Matador only have real synergy with Fencer? It’s a taunt / defensive version of Fencer, so why not go the obvious route and make it work with shield-based class like Peltasta, Rodelero & Murmillo? More synergy with Highlander, Barbarian, Nak Muay and Templar would also be welcome to allow for more build variety.

Thank you for listening and I hope you will consider these ideas!

I agree with the outdated SFR and the criticism on Faena. Don’t agree at all with making Muleta a shield skill though - even conceptually, Matador has nothing to do with shields. Muleta isn’t even that bad in itself even if a bit clunky, but what’s the point of allowing dodges during a counter skill? You’re supposed to be hit on purpose there.
It is made especially absurd by Back Slide raising evasion…making you dodge hits and fail muleta.
In the end, the only reason why it’s good right now is the crit buffs on the class. But once we get the fixed 430 armor ichors, it will be soon made mostly redundant again.
Banderillero is also really bad. 30% more damage when targeted is nice until you realize only one person can have aggro at a time…so if there are more matadors, whoever has the aggro at the start will likely keep having it, since the others can’t bridge the added damage one of them has got. And if some other class has got the aggro, well, you’'ll be probably doing less damage for the whole fight (especially problematic with world bosses). And to add insult to injury the fencer art also requires to be in front, so if some other matador got the aggro, good luck keeping the enemy in front of you (same for other classes, but especially absurd for people with the same build…as it’s the only case in which the mere act of playing the same class is hindering other players).

In terms of synergy with other classes, i agree, but it is also the only class that works well with fencer though, and fencer isn’t suited to be used with shields - epee garde removes shield defense unless you’re using rodelero (in which case you’ll lack dps buffs, necessary since rapiers have got low attack) and offensive rapide removes block effects either way. Having few synergies with other classes is kind of an issue for both of the rapier classes, but the actual problem is that there are just two classes properly using rapiers. One of which is explicitely made to have damage penalties with shield - to the point that shields end up just as stat sticks. Same as daggers, basically, but those end up having better offensive ichors. Those issues could be lessened with a rapier mastery - as rapier is the only one handed swordsman weapon that hasn’t got one yet. And following the theme of an agile fighter, it could take the form of an evasion buff when using rapier and shield.

Either way, whichever form will take, it does require a rework, and rapier classes need better synergies with other classes, either old or new. A third rapier-focused class wouldn’t be bad in that regard, but they are focusing on archer/scout branches for new classes right now, so that will have to wait.

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sadly they removed almost all the synergy it had with Retiarius and Hoplite, those two classes were really good classes to add to a Fencer/Matador build, especially Retiarius with his net and dagger skills that suit Fencers inability to use a shield so well.

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Well, at least they buffed the SFR for Corrida Finale on ktest a few days ago, so they do remember that the class exists.

I’d really love to play Matador once there’s more synergies with other classes and it’s not just an accessory for Fencer.