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3 easy ways to fix Alchemist

This one is tricky, because Alchemists has been a forgotten class for many years, so the majority of their skills are completely outdated and useless for battle. Their main role is being a shop class, which doesn’t have to be this way. I think being a shop / summon hybrid class would be an interesting concept.

Here are my 3 easy ways to fix Alchemist and make it more versatile:

1. Rework the Elixir ARTS completely
2. Remove Combustion, Alchemistic Missile and Magnum Opus and replace them with Summon / Assister / Pet related skills
3. Turn Dig into a passive attribute

The requirement of a Blessed Shard for an item that other players can get for free from the Popo Shop and events is complete insanity. Therefore, 10 x Nucle Powder & 1 x Sierra Powder should be used instead to craft 7 x Small Elixir of HP / SP Recovery that recover 25% of Max HP instantly and 25% of Max HP every 2 seconds over 11 seconds with a 15 second cooldown.

Skill 1 should be a 30 minute buff that allows Alchemists and their party members to use Assisters in every type of content. This would make them desirable for party play.
Skill 2 should be a general buff skill for summons from Necro, Bokor, Sorcerer, etc., assisters and pets that increases all their stats for a certain amount of time.
Skill 3 should be Homonculus related. Hundreds of Assisters got added to the game, so adding a few Homonculus with different skills and attributes, that also benefit other classes in the Wizard tree, shouldn’t be an issue, since the base mechanics for Homonculus are already in the game with Assisters.

Every time a monster is killed by an Alchemist there should be a chance to obtain consumables for Alchemy. Dig is not good enough to warrant it being an actual skill, especially not one with 15 skills levels!


Thank you for creating this post @rivayir, I hope IMC can hear us!

About point 1 - I do agree on full rework on Elixir arts, because the popopoint elixir that can retrieve it easly (also popopoint elixir has this weight equals 3, while normal elixirs has its weight equals 30… this makes no sense and this arts useless)

About point 2 - I like the idea of Magnum Opus, i think is the essence of the class itself, but it had never updated with new items. Also, I think the rework of alchemist should be together with Squire class rework. Make then an counter for the another… Like Combustion has chance of “Break” enemy armor, while Squire has skill to protect the armor from break it in combat, doing that both, alchemist class and squire will be in count in GvG. For Alchemist missile, it should be remained too, but it should have an 100% chance (at level 15) to remove enemy buff, while Squire Class/Thaumaturge Class/Sage Class/Cleric Tree has an counter Buff for prevent the buffs to be removed.
Doing that for Alchemistic missile, the alchemist became more supportive. Also the Sprinkle Potions skills should have healing bonus based on SPR/INT attribute, healing 22k HP every 30 seconds is so useless skill, since now everyone has 150k+ HP.

About point 3 - Its good idea, but I think there is no problem with actual Dig skill (I liked the way it worked before with the interaction of Combustion… but they removed it :sad: ). They should only add an attribute to not retrieve dropped items automatically, and rollback the interaction with combustion.

For the skills listed, Its cool to have people summoning their Assisters… but i think it will make them and alchemist class too overpower. If alchemists became an summon class then What I think it will be a good ideia is:

  • Alchemist class can summon mutant/plant boss with their cards
  • Create different types of Homunculus (like @rivayir said). And make them usable in combat.

or just add image

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