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2nd Spin of Goddess\' Roulette

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘2nd Spin of Goddess’ Roulette’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

i hope this event will available in main sv too :haha:

Good Items. But will be hard to reach given the lack of roulette coins unless you bought the Lunar Packages.

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Ridiculous, you did a second event that you can only “complete” if you pay 998TP or more … Shameful!

Another shame, take items that were given in the event, “free” and bring them here as a random cube … The bottom of the well …

TOS became a generic mobile game …

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Are you kidding me? Even the roulette meant to help new players is p2w now? Giving the roulette coins for those lunar packages was bad enough, but you increased the number of spins to reach max to a point where you can’t reach it unless you spent money or hoarded coins from before the last roulette ended. I’ve spent a decent amount of money on this game since the Season servers started this time around, but I think I’m done. You took something that was not only meant to help new players and made it p2w, but it was a legitimately enjoyable experience collecting the coins and spinning the wheel knowing everything was purely RNG. This really killed the fun.


:heeey: Changing the total open count, rewards from last time was really unexpected and absurd. We need to collect at least 700 coins before removing the C rank spins out of the wheel? I collected coins every day with the assumption that the open count would stay the same. I feel like I did all that for nothing, because now you can just pay your way to the maximum number of spins. I was able collect enough coins to reach the maximum open count if the spins were capped at 100, but now with this change, I am unable to get anywhere near the max coins for the S~SSS spin. Please reconsider moving the open counts to be the same as the first goddess roulette from earlier.

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Welcome to Tree of Savior Re: Build … They don’t even care for the players, just for the wallet, it’s not the first time that they have done “free” events that have become conclusive with real money only.

The worst thing is that the community is a piece of styrofoam, it swallows everything the company leaves, while in Korea things are achieved more by events than by real money.

A rotten company, a ridiculous administration, a garbage server, sincerely friend, spend your money on something else.

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Yeah, this is such a slap in the face to all players who’ve been around since the start of the seasonal server. The rewards from the roulette aren’t even that great, because rates for anything above A rank are so miserably low, so I can’t believe they turned even that into a cash grab.

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Roulette for raids. Roulette for world bosses. Now roulette for roulette. LMAO

Tell me its just the tooltip being wrong and you can’t actually get vaivora that are not even here like kino and pd.
Pls tell me you are not this retarded.

The new Vaivoras are not available yet.

will it update its pool if we open it when its available?

It should, but I can’t guarantee it will be the case. It seems to be the same box used in KR, so the contents should update if you were to hold onto it until the Vaivoras were added. However, there’s no guarantee either that the box will survive the server merge happening next week; it may be deleted.

In either case, I can’t confirm anything with certainty.

do items that doesnt have “will be deleted…” like skiaclispe unique armor selection box for example, will be deleted as well?

IMC’s official statement seems to be:

※ Items with [Goddess’ Roulette] header will be deleted on December 8, 2020 at 00:00 (Server time) .

However, there have been cases in the past where items are deleted early, or descriptions are unclear. So, I just don’t want to give any false expectations on IMC’s behalf.

I’ve bought TP before because I liked the game and wanted to support the devs, but seeing how this has been handled has ensured I will never give IMC any more money in the future. You’ve lost me as a customer. You conned some cash out of me, so congrats I guess, but I’ll be sure the spread the word and hopefully dissuade others from buying.

gambling gameeeeeeeeee