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2020 Berry Package, & TP Regional costs

  1. Server :Klaipeda
  2. Full Name of Item : 2020 Berry Package
  3. Current Price Range (Minimum / Maximum) : 998
  4. Reason for Suggesting Change : Predatory Pricing
  5. Screenshot of Item on Market (Evidence) : -
    Well its off the market for now, the price range at 998 is especially annoying, at $81 US to buy 990 the largest package, and 5 more free TP, you only hit 995, thus Pricing anything only three TP higher, feels incredibly dirty it means you have to buy another package on top of the first one to get it, therefore putting anything on the market anywhere above 995 at least within 996-1100 is rather vicious. I realize the item is presently off the market for whatever reason, but when it comes back up please fix this.

–Finally the regional pricing thing could use a fix, if I want to go and buy a new game I can expect to spend $60 for a fancy new title on release day without any sort of discount the same as the biggest packages for South America, and South East Asia; the cost of TP is nearly half that of the North America, and Europe in comparision, whats more there’s no limitation on me simply clicking on the south east asia server even though I live in North America. It’d be nice if the pricing was the same, since the other regions pricing seems far, far more reasonable, why is my dollar worth less because I want a lower ping?

Because the average wage and living cost isn’t the same on all regions, and the price has to be adjusted in proportion. If raise the price to match NA, they’ll lose more customers than what they get from the price increase. Lowering the price doesn’t necessarily mean people will purchase more TP and has other ingame consequences.

Also, the common language is also part of what you get from playing on a regional server? NA (and perhaps EU too) is settle for english but that doesn’t apply to SA nor SEA, you can indeed play on them for cheaper TP but can’t complain if you can’t communicate properly.

South East Asia also uses english ^_~, its kinda go to language for their own language barriers I think, or the fact I logged in with an english client. In a few hours I only saw one shout that wasn’t in english, and the rest were. It also boasts a larger player count then the US and Europe.