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2 Highlander+ 2 Barb or 1 Highlander and 3 Barb?


I would not recommend taking barbarian to circle 2 and not taking it to circle 3. The attributes you get on circle 3 help WarCry and Frenzy so much.


I re-rolled from a C3 Highlander.

If you think any of the highlander skills do damage past lvl 170 your joking.


u probably used a bad build (stats and skills)


a lot of highlanders are actually rerolling now and are complaining with the lack of dps thanks to ktos differences


they are probably using a bad build (stats and skills) xD


hmm yeah probably I don’t really care since I took barb but these past few days i’m not seeing a lot of highlanders anymore, lol

most doppels I see now are either hop3 or barb3

but for the first week, there were a LOT of highlander c3s.


Here, with the stats i said above

this would be my personal choice for highlander build
and u have to use ALL the skills. catar stroke for example, lvl 1 only, but u WILL USE IT A LOT, with the attribute it does A LOT of dmg, even high level

and of course the 1700 base dmg barb skills will hit harder low lvl, ur dmg is like 200-300 lol. u only will be better than barbs 150-200+

and don’t forget that peltasta is an option instead of corsair, corsair is better if u want more pvp
and if the changes to Ktos gets here, getting barb c1 is a must, so no corsair or peltasta


You think you can play as a DPS Swordsman? No Peltasta?

Face reality.


Being Peltasta 1 - Highlander 3 now and soon rank 6.
I can’t decide anymore if i should go Doppel 2 :confused: Would my build be any good at endgame?
Or maybe Fencer2 or Fencer1>Shinobi or Doppel>Shinobi a better shoice?


If you blindly listen to others, that’s your problem. I won’t listen these whiners before i tried my character first. I still play with what class I like. Have they max their attributes of skills? They got their stats right?

Moreover, the game is still early access. No major patch update yet. Do people even know what early access is?


I agree HL pretty weak on mobbing. but Crosscut + skyliner is still pretty powerful on bleedable thing 1v1, beside that, barb is superior in every way. (exp if you party with HL3, they give you armor break, but you don’t give them +400atk and +50 crit rate)

without 0cd Skyliner HL is pretty bad ! I’d say go with pelt -> barb.


Cleave would like to say hi. People way underestimate how hard that skill hits.


hit once, lol, moulinet hits 6 times and have +50% crit, a lot better than any barb skill. and u need to stun to cleave work, so its not good on bosses or real pvp

skyliner is double dmg on bleed enemies (and hit twice with 3 overheats and low cd), so it scales better on higher levels, same with bleed that goes with STR. crown, cross guard, skull swing (this one is golden), all awesome and scales great. and u can get peltasta or corsair too

i really dont see why go barbarian over highlander if u want 2h sword.
if u consider kTOS changes u only need barb c1, that u can still get going highlander c3


Let them learn the hard way. There are too many of these “expert newbs” lately that that disregard the bajillion hours other people have spent to inform the masses.

I don’t even get why these threads still keep popping up. There are 2 extremely comprehensive swordsman guides already. They are even pinned, you can’t not see them.


Yeah, I find that anyone who is talking about their experiences who doesn’t state that they have a character past level 200+, I simply ignore. Anyone who does say they are 200+ and tell a different story to all the other 200+ experiences posted so far, I would be questioning their build and stats. If they’re not willing to provide, then they are most likely trolling so just ignore them.


What @c2gaming said above.

You dont need to play the game and experience disaster after 200+, because someone already did it for you! Im pretty sure they have decent attributes/equips/circles and stuff.

Dont you trust people?

Gotta wait for the patches.


Second this.
Too many expert noobs around, who are actually giving advice on these forums (shudder)
Then they come on this thread and cry to IMC for a job reset:


@Lenny , Highlander c3 here
Actually im SW 1 > Peltasta 1> Highlander c3 > Doppel 1 heading to Doppel c2 and i have to agree with everyone else on this post.

Highlander lacks damage compared to barbarian. I have not rerolled my class, but only because that was my personal decision, however, i convinced myself that barbarian is better in every way. Especially with incoming buffs:

Reduced cooldown on cleave and will now overheat to 3, reduced cooldown and more stun chance on helm chopper and Seism, and reduced cooldown on frenzy and warcry. Theres no way to compete with that, cleave if used wisely will give you 50 crit rate for 15 secs with a 9 seconds dowtime.

Highlander is more a debuff and pvp class, and even in that scenario barbarian is better, because most if not all of highlander skills are bugged :

Vertical Slash is not properly applying extra damage from debuffs or skull swing, thats wht it hits like a wet noodle.

Moulinet is not cancelable (it is in Ktos) and its extra crit attribute its working on its own (if you take the attribute, you get the fixed amount of crit, so even if you have 80% crit, you will only get 60% for the skill) so if you are heavy on dex you crit more without the attribute.

Cartar Stroke takes like 7.5 seconds to charge if fully specced (15 points) and is bugged because after lvl 3-4 charge, the damage increase its barely noticeable (try it for yourself)

Skyline and CrossCut are rooting you after skill ends

And crown unless you spend a lot of points on it its not worth it (duration starts on 5 secs and rises slowly)

So in general, you mostly depend on Skyliner, which depends on cross cut, which depends on the mob or boss not being bleed inmune… see where things are going?

Theres no way you are going to outdps a C3 barbarian with maxed helm chopper, seism and cleave, its just a lot more of damage and also very decent on demand strike damage (helm chopper) which we dont have (crown does not hits hard, and cartar needs charging)

However if our skills get fixed; Vertical slash is supposed to be a very huge hit, Cartar should have an attribute reducing charge time to half only for c3 Highlander and if skyliner gets back to 0 cooldown, then that would be another story.

I myself wont reroll, because i like more the highlander playstyle vs barbarian one, but thats a personal choice that i made while realizing that my circle was a weaker choice in terms of damage.


still highlander3>barb1>doppel2 (if the kTOS changes get here we will need barb 1, if not, pelt/corsair is fine) is still better than barb 3.

-skull swing increases all your party physical dmg skills on bosses
-no problem with skyliner rooting me in the floor here, try to use it in some monster and see what happens
-all highlander skills scale way better than barbs, so i want u to go lvl 280 and grab a lolopanther 2h sword, and than u come back here and tell me that barbs are better =)


barbarian cleave have reduced cd too afaik
it’s 16s cd now, so 1s downtime LOL!
if they actually buffed barb here, they better give skyliner 0cd back -.-