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10 Wizard skill synergies that need to be implemented

I think the game is lacking in the skill synergy department lately, so I want to start a little series where I present 10 skill synergies per class tree that would make new class combinations more attractive while at the same time strengthening classes and skills that are currently not top tier.

  1. Hail > Psychic Pressure
    Creates ice shards like Ice Wall > Psychic Pressure.

  2. Missile Hole > Magic Missile
    Doubles Magic Missile damage while Missile Hole is active.

  3. Shadow Fetter > Hell Breath
    Enemies receive dark damage from Hell Breath during Shadow Fetter.

  4. Backmasking > Frozen Enemies
    Backmasking on frozen enemies will periodically damage them with constant magic critical hits.

  5. Time Forward > Burnt Enemies
    Fire damage will now apply 50% more damage on enemies when Time Forward is cast on them.

  6. Debuff > Effigy
    Effigy will deal the 3rd bonus damage with every hit, if enemies have a 2nd debuff.

  7. Rune of Destruction > Lethargy
    Enemies with the MDEF debuff from Rune of Destruction and affected by Lethargy will receive 25% more Earth, Holy, Ice and Neutral magic damage.

  8. Hole of Darkness > Heavy Gravity
    Heavy Gravity will inflict +50% damage on any enemy type while Hole of Darkness is active in the same place.

  9. Subzero Shield > Demon Scratch
    Demon Scratch can now freeze enemies. Any enemy that is frozen will reduce the cooldown of Demon Scratch by 1 second and increase the additional damage on blinded enemies by 5%.

  10. Sandy Dust > Ngadhundi, Kundela Slash
    Ngadhundi and Kundela Slash will now additionally recover HP equal to your HP Recovery amount on any enemy type, if they are inflicted with Sandy Dust.


Neat stuff, but would change this one:

make that Hail x Magnetic Force/Heavy Gravity to either create Aoe ice waves in all directions
or a giant Ice boulder of death

I think Hail + Storm dust combo will perfect for AOE ice wave you mentioned.
Like in Diablo 2