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Zircons, and where to find them

So, recently i approached the recipes for craft the item required for Drakonas sets, but the main problem are those Zircons. Does anyone have any idea where to get them? And pls, don’t bother me with “”" check tosneet/tosguru"", i have already loooked there and all the fonts mentioned are or remowed ( like old dungeons) or not obteinible anymore, and the Red Panto Spearman mentioned, is a event mob. Any clues?

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idk man, neet seems to tell you where they’re dropped

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I think mineloader is still a thing, when field bosses get removed they can be obtained from some kind of gem box in guild hangout (Saw a vid of it in ktest)

low level dungeon cube still drop them

From low level dungeon cube i always drop talt + Card, do you have any proof about your statement?

that tos neet picture is the proof, contained inside dungeon dungeon cube.

i never farm zircon intentionally killing red panto, but i have 20 zircon in my inventory

Yes, i found zircons in my inventory too, infact the old catacomb cube dungeon conteined it. As i wrote in the initial post, almost all the fonts mentioned in tos neet/guru are removed ( maybe mineloader is the only exception), like the Fallen legwyn family dungeon ( it drop the petamion too, do u remember?). Also i think that “guard dog cerberus cube” and “Archmage fire lord cube” are related to the old Archmage Tower Dungeon ( do u remember? It droped max petamion, the entrance was at fedimian suburbs). As i sayed, removed or no more obtainable.

so in other words, if we don’t have (old)DGN cubes, were screwed in getting Zircons? :frowning:

Actually, in the market, there is barely 1 page of Zircons. It has become a rare drop for sure, and i would know if someone dropped it from some cube, like field bosses cube or something like that.

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