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Zealot's Costume Quest

Making this feedback based on trying to contain my anger and venting frustrations.

Can IMC rework Zealot’s costume quest to a point-based system instead of being able to win this botched-up minesweeper game? I have been trying to do this costume quest and was only able to finish the first trial. Is there any way the costume quest be reworked to a minesweeper game where you get as many points as possible, and selecting a mine will result in some time lost, and upon getting a certain amount of points, one can get the costumes?

Of course, I know its easy to say just “git gud” at this, but there are some things I want to rant on:

  1. RNG always ruins the quest half the time (second spot I chose has a mine half the time, need one big area clear at least to even have a chance to clear this quest).

  2. Game client selects the wrong mine for me some times.

  3. Speech bubble disappears/blocks the screen on what you’re selecting/looks like its appearing on one spot when it is actually refers to another spot. There was one time where speech bubbles indicated the spot has 0 mines around it, and the first one I select near it has a mine.

  4. Numbers do not stay so one has to re-select the spots again to check. Even if I do check, it opens up speech bubbles that block where I want to select spots.

  5. Seems like zoomyplus mod is needed to alleviate some of the problems but not everything is solved.

  6. A number of feedback in forums indicate the only way to win is by luck getting 2 big area clears, otherwise there’s not enough time.

  7. Even with all the problem with RNG, target selection, speech bubbles, numbers, in the off-chance where you are lucky, you run out of time and quest fails.

  8. No matter how many times you fail, it adds nothing to the next attempt.

  9. [Personal Biased Opinion] Pls giv infinite tries pls

I get it that you only need to finish the three trials once, but even finishing the trials once is very difficult already. I can do minesweeper on internet browsers easily, but all these irritating problems add up into these very irritating trials in ToS. I was only able to barely finish the first trial, and by insane luck was able to “almost” get through the third trial with 74/85 but was out of time. Can it be like Bullet Marker’s Costume Quest where points can be accumulated every quest so eventually after some grinding one can get the Zealot’s costumes?

i would be fine with just letting us try again right afterwards, going back to the master every time is super obnoxious.

when quest fails - it is counted as abandoned and can be restarted from quest menu (f5 default), at least thats the case with exo costume quests.

Stink the “quests” with mini-games
I prefer to have to do a normal and long mission, than having to play those silly mini-games

besides we are not all good playing minesweeper type games
I never learned to play that kind of games well
It also has a limited time, so it will take me an eternity to get the costume

this instead of being entertaining is just annoying and irritating