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Zealot skill build?

how do I build this? I mean the skills, Inqui seems easy understand on paper but Zealot on the other hand. Can a Zealot expert tell me the merits of each skills.

This in my opinion is the most standard zealot-inqui combo.

Fanatic illusion and fanatacism are your main skills in zealot. Fanatic illusion does auto damage while you engage in close combat. Immolation is mainly for melt armor. Beady eye may not seem like much, but it has 50% uptime. Blind faith in my opinion is a real waste of SP… Emphatic trust is not that great imo…

As for inquisitor, you can either put the rest of the points into breaking wheel or maleus to max one of them.

I disagree with blind faith and emphatic trust. Blind faith has a really good attribute that further enhances your damage while emphatic trust is a 1020% burst on bosses.

As for beady eyed and immolation, it’s up to you. I personally don’t take more than 1 level of beady eyed since I get most of my crit from druid’s lycanthropy.

Like this

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Any idea what’s his build is? I wanna try this.

PS What is that skill in his middle top slot that looks like eye surrounded by fangs?

His build obviously Paladin>Inqui>Zealot

skill icon is Kraujas set skill (+100% damage)

pure suicide build,hf

Fanatic Illusion consumes 25*charlevel - 7500 SP per second, which is 2500 at charlevel 400. Basically you run out of SP in 3 seconds… How are you supposed to keep this up?

Ahem yes I am aware that it’s a Pal-Inq-Zeal but what I’m wondering is how he allocated his skills -_-

Something like this perhaps? Pal-Inq-Zeal

it’s wrong calculation, it barely use SP.

looks more this

if look at video, he has 27 or 26 sec of invulnerable, that is lv 6 or 7.
judgment is lv 9 or 10 cause at least 24 second duration.
demolition lv 10 make sense cause he use for damage (damage bonus from conviction increase by lv of demolition)
he has iron maiden on skill list (so least lv 1+)

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This is how I do it on my build.

No guardian saint!!! Well I guess heal is quite weak in this build even with it…

If you’re going to use a seal(unique 5% /damage legend 10% with it on) then it’s good for 1 point cause duration is 60 seconds with cleric buff duration from enchant 66 seconds but I do not like low duration buffs personally.