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Zealot + Monk Build

Hey guys i wanna make a new Zealot Build around Monk. Monk atm sucks i know but i wanna make this character anyway. I’m in trouble with the last class. Between

1 - Krivis - Monk - Zealot
2 - Monk - Oracle - Zealot.

Krivis go well with Monk(Divine Stigma + Energy Blast) and go well with Zealot eletric.
The second build with oracle is because oracle are tremendly OP atm.
So anyone can help me?

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I would say go with krivis. You need that melstis to extend fanatisicm and fanatic illusion as your main offensive skills since monk’s skills are bad (or so I heard, I’ve never seen any monks since re: build). Use electra necklace, of course.

Though I must say, if your focus is zealot just go with kriv-oracle. The synergy of these 2 classes with zealot is like they are meant for zealot in my opinion.

Ty Gexmnlin but i wanna monk. I will try with Krivis

i tried both and monk without chaplain feels extremely weak on his double punch, you can pass krivis since in hard content having a 20 sec fnatism is not always a good thing, ill will go either monk, oracle zealot, or monk chaplain zealot, the latest you can see how it works on this vid

Also just dont put any point on blind faith is extremely weak, have fun savior :smiley:

you need at least 1 point on Blind fate mainly cause of this
Holy Impact gives you so much damage cause the % increase is multiplicative, so every time you crit you’ll be doing Damage*1.5(crit)*1.5(blind fate)