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Zealot Costume Quest TEXT BALLOON

Since this is a Feedback Topic, I’ll write it here, in frustration.


The quest is basically race against time. I lost 1-2 second when I step the green tile because I can’t see whether the tile under the number balloon is green or white, especially the upper side. When player step the lucky green one, sometimes it will open a lot of tiles, right? Sometimes due position of the new green tiles, the number balloon will block the view @_@ and it stay 1-2 seconds before it gone. It will become more and more annoying when there’s only medium areas left to do. And of course I still need to step the green one to know how many evil tile left.


  • When a whole area of green tiles opened, don’t make all the text balloon appear. Instead, make it only appear when player step one.
  • Idk what’s the best view. Maybe make the number of evil tiles pop up like warning? Or appear in general chat maybe? Or make the text balloon smaller.

It seems only me who experience this, but it’s really annoying. Sometimes I almost can’t see anything…

I know it’s kinda unrelated but for this quest I use zoomy to change the angles and get a top “2d” view.

It’s a little ugly and the balloon position might be inaccurate but feels better for actually completing the quest.

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Everybody experiences this.
You need to play with your zoom to make it better. Personally I zoomed to the max, so it was clear which tile the balloon was for, and it didn’t cover the other tiles much.
I wish they would have done it like minesweeper: the numbers on the tiles.


@Goldie @LunarRabbit

Glad I’m not the only one :’)
Thank you for the advice! I’m using Zoomy addon actually, so I’ll try to set the zoom again for better view next week (why it didn’t cross in my mind???)

I hope the dev will make it easier for our eyes :’)

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Hello Everyone!

We appreciate your efforts for bringing this matter to our attention.We will take this as a feedback/suggestion.from you guys and make it as a reference for future updates.

GM Francis

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