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Your Pistol Scouts

Hello Everyone, i noticed that a lot of scouts (me included) have switched to pistol builds. Right now i’ve been seeing a lot of Bulletmarker/Sheriff/Assassin. Now i know this is not pure Pistol, but you only really take Assassin for Hassisas and Annihilation. The bleeding effect is pretty much doable without Assassin. So still consider it Pistol as it is it’s dominant weapon.

With the new rebalances, how do you build yours? And why? All builds are welcome. I just want to collect as many first-hand information as possible. Thanks.

You can change Ass to cor for cm or linker for boss hunt :grin:

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Nice, have you tested it and compared to assassin? I was a Linker, and it was great for CM and bossing. But i find it a little unstable when bossing because of the long cooldown of chainheart. But never tried with the new BM.

Cor only for extra silver :grinning:

With auto-switch its not hard to play Pistol/Dagger scout.
And you dont need a good dagger for Hassias and Piercing hearth