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Yo Saviors! Tell us the music you were/are listening to! (With Youtube link if possible)


Post the music you were/are listening to (with Youtube link if possible). Tell us what you think about the music.

For Youtube link, no need to make hyperlink of it. Just type the Youtube’s URL onto the post and it will automatically embbed itself.

I was listening to these:

ToS’s BGM’s are so cool!

And these two Final Fantasy pieces always ring in my mind whenever I am around my family and friends having good time. :smile:

Cheers! Let’s share the joy of music, y’all!


What am I listening to at this moment exactly?



MrEpicOST just uploaded a new piece. Downloaded and I love it.
Epic music


Oh I love that channel!

HDsounDI is also great!


Two Steps from Hell just released Classics Vol 2 so thats what I’m up to.





Yo babe


Another one that I’ve kept going back to, the full Chaos Rings III OST:


Danmachi ending theme is so good, made me fall in love with Kanon Wakeshima’s voice. * u *

I’m so glad this forum uses HTML5 video instead of Flash embed, usually topics like these cause my browser to die when they use Flash… - w -


opens youtube
play any video



I like some of her music. <3


well then I’ll post the tv version since any other will have spoilers (at least on youtube)


I also love Denmachi ending theme.
My other favourite ending theme of this season is probably this


Love this song and anime <3


Good anime, good music, good “couple”, oh my oh my oh my the ship is real!!!

my KOKORO can’t take it!


Nep Nep Nep? Nep! The whole soundtrack to VII is awesome


I’m in love with Erutan <4


One of my most favourite songs from Final Fantasy VIII