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Yellow, blue, and hidden class relevancy. Shouldnt you abolish this system?

Since imc pledge to create new classes each two months I just want to remind them with this issue rather than talk about population or dark issues since I’m also bored with it. I know so well the game is dying and despite all that if Imc still want to try to make this game alive by making more class at least don’t neglect this issue

The question is why you neglect this half heartedly. If you want to keep this system then continue making these classes in the future rather than just keep making more reds and occasionally green. and if you attempt to discontinue it then just fully abolish this system and make all class equally respectable to be a main class. When was the last time you make blue, yellow, and also hidden class? It’s been like forever.

Talk about blue and yellow, this class forced identity end up make classes/build with this color become ambiguous and rendered them useless outside of this identity, functioned like a storage class

For example yellows, why not learn from sage, sage has the capability to open stall, tele market, yet it’s outdated, overshadowed by token teleport and you just neglected it. Enough bout that, what I’m pointing is how the originally green class, not even yellow in fact now red, economically benefited with one stall skill, yet it still can dps decently.

Same with blue, the only blue who deserve title of actual defensive is just peltasta where paladin is always jankier tank and cryomancer really out of the system just barely holding it with one defensive skills. And poor peltasta defensive capability is only good for some stuffs but the rest it’s just bad

Hidden class? It’s basically just class with more annoying unlock quest, where unlocking quest of non hidden is abolished already, and recently new classes are all about doing quests to unlock costumes, all of em are basically hidden with no glamours like previous hidden class had except to milk the lazy riches to just pay for the ease of doing unlock quest that becoming more mad in numbers.

I propose just abolish yellow, blue and hidden.
In tos tanking is never a belief, only for some handful feature, economical class is become less beneficial with less players and less capability to do everything else with the build, while hidden will now just be a more cooler class icon frame.

And then next make all class respectable as main class in a build. There should be no case of a certain red class is stronger and it’s always has the biggest damage output and it’s always dictated as main. Break that system and change so that every class has the chance to produce equal damage output or bring out supportability. Red or green.

With the help of attribute, strict one, a green could’ve turn into red like, losing its supportability and become respectable dps worth as main. So do red can chose to reduce it’s dps capability for more support like action. Both should have the versatility and live up the build and theory crafting.

Obviously some class were designed not to be dps but it’s just you, the game designer who keep it that way,for example back then priest have ability to be dps, to deal damage, poorly, any class who originally green also could do the same, now it’s just dictated to be strict yet this principles is no longer relevant as it’s never continually followed and updated.

Despite this game capability to bring out something more deep than ragnarok, tos never draw out it’s full potential to do so, it’s even more shallow than ragnarok theorycrafting despite how bombastic tos advertise the hundreds of classes and build combinations.

If you compare community build theorycrafting about a single job of ragnarok and compare it to tos class build tos one is so underwhelming, there’s not so much to talk about. It’s become even more generic with more and more imc decisions on how to shape tos.


Purple class has no continuation as well
It’s always been red red and red which kinda boring that makes the rest color like nothing
I was thinking terramancer could’ve been blue
And new reworked alchemist could’ve been purple
Or adding purple back to cleric cause why not
Or maybe having druid or diev variant that’s more like a purpley
Or centurion being purple for commanding soldier spirit in formation
Either my imagination too wild or imc imagination is lacking
Or is the idea cost too much?
One thing I learn from dealing with imc progress is never expect too much

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