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Yay, my seeds are gone :)

Inb4 “You probably waited for too long, bro”, no I didn’t, I clocked this and even set an alarm to be 100% sure so… No…

Got the compensation seeds + the event seeds in a total of 15 seeds, went to Tenant’s Farm Channel 1 to plant them in this specific spot, it was 8:40PM here when I planted them, came back around 9:50PM and my seeds were simply gone :slight_smile:
There’s this new people here that planted their seeds in the spot were mine was, I am sooo happy~
Overjoyed even, what a wonderful event!

Sarcasm aside… Fix this… And I want my 15 seeds back…

there is no fix, if there’s no one in that god forsaken map, it will refresh itself and you’ll lose your seed.
plant them and go afk there so it wont happen.

welcome on the trashiest most lazy ■■■■ around.

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They don’t read forum… Send them a ticket

Yup, I’ve lost mine too. All 15 of them.
Because i didn’t AFK in the map for 1 hour straight.
Good. Game.

Not so easy not to disconnect for 1 hour.

So you have to be at the map and afk there for an hr?

that’s seems to be the case … so plant them if you’re planning to afk for a while XDD

I’m using myself as a scarecrow to fend of the thieving devs gahahah

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All seed grow in 1m.

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Its funny actually my alt has 20 seeds 10 from imc mail and 10 from the npc … from the pic above … then I waited for them 1hour … harvested …all is good …

Then I go to my main and planted the 5 from the npc ( sadly didnt look at the timer ) and they are gone after 1hour is up >.<;;;

Actually 50 mins after guarding them they are still up and alive then when my timer went off they are gone lol … weird this seeds …

I should probably check them first next time … huhuhu …

i sat on my seeds with a 59 min timer, it went off, i went to collect, and watched them depop 1 by 1 before i could run to collect them LOL, the scramble was real, and i only managed to get 1 out of the 15 i planted
i guess they just depop after an hour

So what to do to prevent losing them…?

i planted them all then go do dailies, more than 1 hour later i came back and harvest them all normally.

they changed it to 2 minutes now … so no need to wait for an hour …


Yeah I was going to tell that I harvested them all as soon as I had planted lol
Nice decision. Btw I’m in love with all the rewards I’m getting <3
Tons of attrbiute points and CM resets ! :smiley:

Nice of them to at least add a “workaround” for this bug.

I personally would have just placed a GM afk character on each map to prevent reset lol.

Now they do, when the event started it was 1h, so at least now you don’t need to waste 1h AFK there anymore…