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Xan's Class/Spec Guide

Yes @lemanhu_007, all things are considered.

And good idea @greyhiem, though I’ll probably wait until it’s completely finished before advertising it elsewhere. Or at least until I’m satisfied with each section.

Great. I will definitely link to your guide once I finish mine.

In your archer builds you sometimes list Oblique shot higher than lvl 1. To me it is very inefficient to have Oblique shot higher than lvl 1 because the SP increase/damage is very bad. Lvl 1 oblique + attribute will easily replace standard attacks.

Edit: a thread about wizards with builds: [Guide] Mage Builds General Discussion 💥

Hey @Xanthiris, thanks for the archer guide. It’s very thorough.
I was wondering why the auto-attack A1QSA2F1 build wasn’t mentioned as I’ve heard it is also popular for “lazy” folks. Honestly, I’m kinda waiting for what I should build my archer towards the new mergen class. It looks like SR is still needed for the mount and QS3 for the running shot, but hey nobody knows what’s going to happen with R8 circles.

Since I’m not rich and don’t think I will ever be able to gear my archer, the wugu route is out of question. It’s good to know which builds are gear dependent. Thanks Xan.


Well technically A2 QS3 Scout Musket is there and below it, it says Scout is interchangeable with Archer3 or Falconer.

The thing with Falconer in this build is it would mostly be for other people. While Circling can make Snipe extremely strong, the reason I don’t recommend it is because you’re trying to turn a single target build into a mediocre AoE build. If you take Scout1 (PvP) or Archer3 (PvE) you’re getting more single target damage. If you get Falconer1, you’re getting situational “maybe” more AoE damage and losing single target damage.

UNLESS you mean A2 QS3 F2, which will be a strong build once Rank 8 and Falconer3 come out.


Leveling Oblique past level 1 is primarily for the 1% bounced arrow damage increase per point. While you’re right, it’s hardly worth it and definitely is not worth it in terms of SP-per-damage, as long as you are using SP pots, if Oblique is your typical filler, raising it’s level is technically the best DPS increase option, right?

You’ll notice on the Scout3 builds and the Fletcher builds it is left at level 1, because Fletcher and Scout3 have better spammable (filler) abilities. However, on Sapper/Wugu for example, once traps and poisons are out, our best option is usually Oblique spam. As long as SP isn’t an issue (chugging pots), leveling Oblique to level 7-10 is usually a solid choice.

I’ve got all of the builds I can think of finished in the Cleric and Wizard sections.

Can anyone see any I may have missed?

Also, sorry it’s taking me a while to finish these sections, I’ve been quite busy as of late and Cleric and Wizard are the two classes I’m admittedly least comfortable with.

Cleric section is mostly complete, albeit a little sloppy. I’d like to put more work into it, same as the other sections, but I’ve been awfully busy lately.

Hope to finish the Wizard section as soon as possible!

Added explanations to all of the Wizard builds and started the stat priority section.

Hey @Xanthiris Although I haven’t used your guides nor do I need the info you have here as I have myself over 2000 hours played and know most ins-and-outs, I wanted to say a big Thank you for helping the community. If more people were like you. and less like IMCisGreedy, the MMO world would be a better place.

@Xanthiris I’ve actually read through your leveling guide, just to see what I do/did differently, and where I could achieve faster times with use of your knowledge and mine. I have far to many alts. lol. I browsed through this is as well. It’s well written and helpful. That’s all that matters to me.

We all enjoy a little praise here and there! :slight_smile:


Thanks man! I guess I just like to give back and be helpful. I can’t lie, I do enjoy the praise, but I mostly do it to give back and help my fellow player.

I think you should skim through them some time though if you haven’t. Who knows, maybe with your first hand experience and my tips and tricks, you might still learn a thing or two, or tweak something you’re already doing.

Either way, thanks again for the support and feedback :slight_smile:



All builds have been updated to include their Rank 8 options.

Rank 8 points have not been spent yet, primarily due to Korean tooltips.
Rank 8 secondary options and reasoning has not been listed yet, however I do intend to do this in the near future.

As a side-note, I apologize I have not finished or even really worked on the Wizard section much yet, I’ve been quite busy lately.

plz include highlander3>barb1>doppel3
or new players will go barb 3 =*(

I’m pretty sure High3 isn’t very good compared to Barb3, can you explain how it is and perhaps I’ll include it.

high 3 is better than barb 3 if u are going full pve.

i talk about this a lot in this thread

I’m sorry but I simply disagree. I believe High1 Barb3 is the best Doppelsoeldner options for AoE, and High2 Barb2 is arguably better as a single target option, but High3 Barb1 simply is not good comparatively.

If you can support your opinion a little better I’d be happy to debate it with you but I’m really not sure High3 is good at all.

i said pretty much everything in that topic
its just better, skull swing scales a a lot with doppel multihit skills, crown lvl 13-15 last 30 secs+ and scale with ur str, make magic bosses dmg really low, cross guard high level u can stand in boss range while u block
cross cut + skyliner is good at later levels and bleed scale with str
and now vertical slash got buffed and it hits hard when u have a lot of debuffs, my lvl 120 highlander 3 alredy got 11k with it

its just better than barb, barb has seism stun and pouncing. frenzy is bad, warcry is better with scaling but still only useful if u have a lot of mobs

i alredy played barb 3 and now going high 3.

EDIT: Barb3 if better if u like some pvp cus pouncing

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Oh man, finally finished the Wizard section.

I still intend to touch up each section, offer more information, and maybe add/rework a few of the builds, as I realize some of them have questionable points spent. However I’ve been on a bit of a vacation lately, hence the lack of work I’ve managed to get done.

Thanks, and please share this with your friends if you found it useful!

barbarian is a CC class. CC doesn’t make as much damage as raw dps
highlander 3 has better dps.
Both are fine, barbarian’s frenzy might scale better with DoV
but highlander skills make more damage, that’s for sure.

Barbarian is not a CC class at all, and Frenzy/War Cry boost damage of Cyclone, your best AoE DPS ability by an insane margin.

well it does have 3 CC skills
highlander is stronger anyway, crosscut/skyliner is stronger, and with all the debuff skullswing+vertical slash provides amazing damage.
both will probably fall off at rank 8 though.
But still, as a person who played both barb 3 and highlander 3 i can tell you that highlander 3 is stronger.