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X8 EXP Tome Wasted

So I logged in today with my main char which is lv 450(max) now. A menu for log in rewards appeared and not knowing the rewards I clicked ‘Check’. It gives me x8 EXP Tome which I cannot used because im max level. My concern here now is why that free x8 EXP Tome is not tradeable? So that our alts can use it tho. Im very disappointed how they not know that. I hope they fix it come on IMC. I’m even pissed right now and deleted it. Just fix it even I won’t get back the EXP tomes I deleted. IM VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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Like when you get an enchant scroll from Log Calendar that is char bound and you have to bring the other char, unequip hair accessory, transfer it, use the scroll, transfer back… so much hassle for nothing.

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You can still use it to fill pamokas though. It’s not the perfect use but there is an idea of how to use it.


Whaaattt??? Can you explain it clearly dude. How can I bring other char then if I use it like the ‘hair accessory’ method you said. Your method doesn’t apply in exp tomes dude. So much reply for nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, this ^ is the only option for you … Pamoka then sell it to market …