Tree of Savior Forum

WTT / WTB Gumiho Tail

Items I am able to trade:

x15 monster gems worth up to 60m ea (potential 600m or so worth) from monster gem selection box. Any and all the gems you want listed here:

I also have rare items and items you can’t get anymore (to my knowledge) such as:

  • Durandal
  • Orange cat ears
  • Hipster glasses
  • Didel Grand Cross and also x3 recipe for it.
  • Luxury hat and rose (fedora with a rose)
  • Assorted monster cards (mostly common ones or ones worth around 5m)
  • Steam 2nd anniversary armband
  • Red armband
  • Tasseled armband

Message me ingame “Hail-Hydra” Klaipeda server.