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WTT VV Grind Ichor & Random Pike Ichors to BGs

WTT VV Grind Ichor to 100 BG
Perfect Sandra CON/STR/DEX/CritRate/Evasion/Mutant Dmg 50 BG
CON/STR/DEX/CritRate/CritOffset/Medium Offset 35 BG
CON/STR/CritRate/Evasion/InsectDmg/Large 20 BG
CON/DEX/CritRate/BlockPen/BeastDmg/LeatherDmg 20 BG
(PVP) CON/DEX/Accuracy/CritRate/BlockPen/MediumOffset 15 BG

Would also do silver if you prefer market. Reply here or @ in game under the same name.

Also Zega Spear with Sharp Spear gem for 30BG and skia unique trinket for 5 BG