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WTT>+10 Regard Horn pike forAstra Bow

Looking to trade my Regard Horn Pike for Astra bow any enhance level and any socket’s open okay. ( no sockets open is fine too)

Yes i WILL un trans for you.

Would you take 2 practoniums

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i’d prefer the crafted bow already. Sorry!

let me know if you change your mind

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bumping bumpinggg


I am thinking about crafting one, sure you don’t want the practs? xD

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hey sorry just saw this, can you offer 2 pract ++ since my spears already +10 / gemmed

nump bump thump


I suppose I can offer 2 +6 rhevisan Bracelets as well? I am a returning player havent got much to offer, can we talk in game? Maybe we can work it out? what is you in game name? and what time can I find you online?