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WTB > +11 2H-Sword Asio, Velcoffer or Wastrel Zvaigzde (potential 6 or above)


I can offer: Silver (put it on the market and tell me before/after)
Or Nuaele card 10* + Aspersion(Rodelin), Blessing(Doyor), Sacrament(Blue Fragaras)
& IncreaseMagicalDefense(Wendigo Shaman) Skill GEMS

Nuaele10* + [Spell Sell Shop Gem Set] = +11 Asio 2H-Sword (potential 6 or above)

I can offer 20M of silver for Wastrel Zvaigzde Recipe.

PM in-game: BountyHunt [Klaipeda]


Wisp me in game Kureiya