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Wrong Anvil Issued Bug?


Server : [SEA] Telsiai

Team Name : Craftson

Character Name : Milzinas

Steam Account : hansderainer

Country : Malaysia

System Information :

When the error happened(Date, time, location) : November 25th,2018 (4:17PM SGT)

Steps to reproduce the issue : 1. Trying to anvil.
2. Something happened, maybe bug or lag.

  1. Selecting Golden Anvil, but Normal Anvil issued.


Why didn’t you lock the regular anvil?


If you had used a golden anvil, the first couple fails would have brought it down to +10, not 14 and then 13. Also, you can’t anvil when overreinforce is up–it doesn’t even let you.

Also nice 24h exp buff. :thinking:


nvm, i claimed another one and did 15+… with 4 pots left. :3 RNG is weird.


also i casted overreinforce after the thing destroyed. xD
btw who the hell in this world want to destroy their own Velcoffer weapon?


No one, but people make that mistake all the time and accidentally use the wrong anvil without realizing.

edit: ■■■■ I almost did it this morning myself on a Nepagristas, but bailed when I saw the anvil on the ground wasn’t gold.


Is there chance for recovering this?


Not on the personnal mistakes. armour263 is on process because I confirmed that the log of item is missing.


Wait, how can you assume this is personal mistake without knowing it? Evidently i have the proof of Golden Anvil and definitely clicked it. All i know there was a sudden stuttered during anvil.
And who is that guy? How can he get a fair treatment while I lost something worth more than 100m silver? This is discrimination by IMC Staffs.



@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia how can someone else got better treatment than me? The reply from the submit ticket admit can’t help me due to technical capability. But why can IMC grant that armour user request? Its simply discrimination. And even assuming it was a mistake without even trying to check it.