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Would it be feasible to merge servers?

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Hi everyone!! i want to propose to fuse some servers. I think that Fedimian (EU) (for example (i dont know about the rest) is near to the limit to be bleak… (we are like 30 to 60 active players i think) But the players that still play, they do it with enthusiasm.

I dont know how much hard could be merge servers but i saw it on other games so it should be viable so…

At least send this suggestion to the development team or something like that to evaluate if its viable and maybe send a test to the community to know their opinion about it. (please)

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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Merging is all fine and dandy, but the most major issue i would be worried about (as a current Klai player from EU) is timezone issues with all the time-gated content like guild war and gemstone feud etc on the most likely to be merged server of Klaipeda.
I don’t think there is a proper comprimise that would accomodate all regions, and the region is meant for NA
players anyways.
Its a bit of a tough problem to solve.

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Ty for your contribution!!

I know it, i’m agree about that it is one (if not the highest) of the highest problems about the merge… (i mean, the timezone) But still i think that it could be a great idea… it would not be a problem if this kind of content gets reworked to make it posible.

I think that at least Klaipeda (NA), Silute (SA) and Fedimian (EU), should not have problems to get merged (about timezone hours/Schedule about GTW), making Klaipeda (NA) and Silute (SA) get the Fedimian (EU) timezone/Schedule.

(you can check it here:

Still there would be problems with joint strike for example, but i tell you the same: it CAN be reworked to be posible (for example, change the joint strike to be able to do it only one time per day (maybe the goddess’ grace roulette could cost x2 but give x2 rewards, or they could change the % to get each reward)).

Anyway, i’m going to give some ideas to solve this problem to merge servers. I want to remember that it’s not necessary to merge all (it could be a good idea but i dont know about if its not really different merge 2 servers than merge them all), only merging Fedimian (EU) with another one should be enought.

1st - The easier one: change the content that depends on a schedule to another hour that is viable to both servers. I mean, if the hour difference between Klaipeda (NA) and Fedimian (EU) is like 5 hours, Klaipeda (NA) GTW could be from 15:00 to 16:00 instead (If Fedimian (EU) takes the klaipeda (NA) Schedule, it could not viable, because GTW would be from 01:00 to 02:00, meanwhile, if Klaipeda (NA) takes the hour difference from Fedimian (EU), it could be viable, because 15:00 to 16:00 is still a good hour to play)

2nd - Rework some contents into another kind of content that doesnt depend on hours (TBL for example, was a kind of content that got reworked to dont depend on hours). This could be really hard to do and it would last some time to become real but it’s still an option. (we can give some ideas to help IMC to make this posible).

I cant find/imagine/think more ideas to make this posible (at the moment), i invite you to put your own opinion about this ones and think new ones if you want.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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maybe they should merge MARKET PLACE across all servers first.
so that server with lowplayerbase(EU etc) does not suffer from very high ITEM prices.
and all vaivora and other items are at reasonable prices for everyone.


there’s no need for an actual merge and no, EU timezone will be a problem for NA/SA GTW and so on.

they implemented auto cm/singu/raid, just go the WoW way and make a global queue/market.
that will fix everything.

market place and maybe auto raid and or ranking would fix everything without actual merge

there is already auto raid.

I mean merge auto match raid with all server would help since it will be easier to get full queue (looking at you sacrae dung queue)

I agree… as long the server is near to my location.

I do agree with a market merge but I’m not sure a server merge would help. I’m from Silute and I, at the beginning of ToS, I used to play on a server hosted on NA. The ping didn’t help much my game experience. There is also the general hate against the Brazilian Community. I remenber there was a lot of cases of hate back at 2016 in the forum and I doubt that Brazilians would help reduce this hate. Besides the timezone issues, ping and communication would also be an issue with most of the SA community, some don’t even speak english.

When level dungeon was merged … kinda fun … with them trash talking hahahaha

market merge would fix a good 75% of the issue , but i’m scared it’s too much to ask for imc…