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World Fastest Dimensional Collapse Point Stage 11

Video Description :

Create a party of 5 priests with max turn undead + turn undead scrolls. Create camp warp around Shelter map. Send the first two first priests to kill several monsters ahead of time, and then utilizes the other 3 to clear the remainder. Try to avoid the situation where you have to spam turn undead/scroll to kill one monster, this will save time and increase your party clear-speed.

➤ Dimensional Collapse Point:
➤ Recommend Priest Build:

Video Link :

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Poor priest.
They will do the same thing like taoist chrono cleared skia varna back then.


Nice. Your equipment is even standard (Varna, Zeisty), so anyone can probably follow the vid and do the same. Question: how can you see the map so well, do you use an addon for that? At the moment, I can’t do DC at all because entering causes the map to become completely dark with dark gimmicks (like the exploding balls) becoming invisible and other ones (like meteors) saturating my screen so I can’t see mobs or even my char.

I remember a game when devs would watch how people would overcome all difficulties introduced in a game and each time someone found a workaround it would be nerfed/eliminated so the game would remain really competitive. If ToS devs watch us, I fear they may nerf TU so this wouldn’t be possible.

There is a setting to remove some of that. I think its “Use Daylight”

Its is not WR anymore, in SA they did in 1:50 sorry

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