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Wonderous ichors vs Kartas ichors for summoner builds

hi, im a new player with summoner build ( sorcerer-necromancer-ff) and now im do guild quest ( boruta), im unsure about if fixeds ichors effects ( like wonderous ) afect summons, since last pacht add new fixed sets for summoner builds, im still unsure if im put enffort to get kartas sets or buy/craft wonderous for do contend (boruta/raid/cms) since im get full varna set (+16 w/rest +11) and unsure again for craft new savinose/galcia legend complete set ( only weapon )

thanks for advice and sorry for bad english

dude, you are comparing quite-old-meta gears vs hot-new-gears
also you said that you are new
kartas gears is still expensive now and not many sorc main use it, while wonderous is quite-outdated-meta-gears for sorc and its very affordable now compare to the price when it was hot-new-gears
so if you are really new, just get the cheap affordable one while making your way to get this expensive hot gears
unless you are some RMT guy and the stocks of devil piece shard is good then just buy all those sh*t and craft yourself those kartas set

for this reason im ask about it, if im get 4 wonderous ichors pieces and im only get 10% bonus damage instead 40% like others classes is no worth it,

thanks anyways