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Wolf Spirit's Auto Attack Build Overview

:white_check_mark: Build & Resources :white_check_mark:
➤【Druid - Chaplain - Monk】:
➤ Storm Ark: (2400% + 490%)
➤ Thunderbolt Ark: (3500% +700%)
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:20 | Introduction
I’m well aware that I don’t have Swift Ark, but It wouldn’t amount up to the PvE farming potentials as other cleric builds the even if I manage to get the Ark, plus the auto-attack Karaliene set effect. The auto-attack build is way too make expensive to attempt end-game contents. The build lack of damage and you’re better off using other builds for better performances.
➤ 0:21 - 3:20 | Skills Build

➤ 3:21 - 3:57 | Equipment + Ark
➤ 3:58 - 4:48 | Stats Distribution
➤ 4:49 - 5:59 | Cards Setup
➤ 6:00 - 6:20 | Assisters Setup

➤【Legend Moringponi + Unique Mirtis + Blue Solcomn + Gray Moth】= The following assisters combos will provide your character critical rate, INT, SPR, 3 AoE Atk Ratio, as well as huge critical magic damage by using Legend Moringponia as main! There is no best combination available at the moment, but this combo is working quite well with the build!
➤ 6:21 - 7:36 | Combos
➤ 7:39 - 8:57 | West Jungle Challenge Mode
➤ 8:58 - 9:51 | Casual Legend Varna
➤ 9:52 - 10:25 | Hard Misrus
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I don’t like Monk. I have a Zealot Krivis Chaplain currently. But I think one inch punch is nice because of its dot and silence…not sure where to get that 1 point for it tho. :smiley:

It also seems like I’m the only Chaplain who can’t live without Paraclitus Time… But I’m also quite PvP oriented a lot of times when I’m making my builds so maybe that’s the difference… or maybe i have some PTSD from bosses with knockdowns from the past. :sweat_smile:

I think your build is a hybrid auto attack build not pure auto attack (because 2H Mace and other weird things). A lot of INT, low STR and low DEX… If you want INT in the build go for Sadhu and turn into Magical Atk dealer not Physical…

I prefer Zealot because more sinergy with: Fanaticism, Blind Faith and Emphatic Trust (Chaplain-Monk-Zealot).

Energy Blast vs. God Finger Flick (atk bonus) I prefer God Finger.

Assisters Setup: Prodded Horse, Solcomm (Crit Rate), Tormenta and Velnia Monkey (AoE Atk).

good vid to show how will it work
but my suggestion is maybe you should try solo cm in a preview of build instead of 5 man party.also try do the content till the end(skia dead,misrus dead)

though even without trying the new druid arts im already 100% sure that the new druid arts is a garbage

its just another cool looking aura for cleric

30 min just to add synergies with monk chap but with a very weaker dmg boost
you ll get more by being zealot without paying overpriced attribute
not to mention druid skillset also not very AA supportive

but tbh the main problem is still with the monk/chap itself.especially chap.
i bet even the full potential monk/chap AA will still lose against full potential SR

its IMC fault that they keep the images if monk/chap must wear a shield meanwhile majority of what monk/chap want is to go full dmg potential with 2h mace(or mace+dagger and new attribute that will make it work). but with how PD actually getting a 2h mace vv, i do hope monk vv will be 2h mace.otherwise i ll bet many will get pissed off because even a greenies PD get a 2h.

RIP all newbie in hope of lazy build.

what are you talkin about
SR is still lazy build
you can do 3 min worth 1m by doin CM5 of old maps by pressing only 1-2 button each stage
their effectivity not even target of nerf like the previous chap-inq-freeze build eons ago that nerfed to oblivion

I’m almost sure Monk will get a 2h one. It has 2h attribute… would be weird if it gets 1h.

Also I know I’m almost the only weirdo who doesn’t go Monk with Chaplain but what Monk-Chaps usually don’t see is… that without a stance your attack speed is horrible with 2h weapon…and aspd is pretty much needed for Chaplain. ( Druid human form stance is a way too to get 2h mace btw…but I dont rly like druid either haha… )
So the Chaplain Vaivora had to be 1h mace imo and I’m glad it is…expect it’s a rly bad vaivora… xD

Although… I would love it if I could reach the same aspd with 2h mace without a stance like with 1h xD… It’s just not possible unfortunately afaik.

tbh im almost 100% sure that monk will get 1h vv (if its ever going to exist) given how

IMC have been even if that 2h attribute exist since day 1 of monk existence

and honestly that old attribute which provides block pen for 2h monk is sooooo outdated.the numbers, the effect, its meh.doubted.questionable.kinda garbo.
it shouldve been updated with rebuild, but they just didnt cause nobody really care bout monk, not many,even ktos itself

imc is the type of when there is no complain then everything is ok, if its minor its still ok, if its major like wiz or recently swordie complains they will act rightaway

did you notice that ever since sadhu rework they didnt even fix sadhu prana tooltip? its just a freakin tooltip but its been “bugged” like that for like 6 months or more

Well… tbh aesthetically Monk rly would look better with 1h for me… XD I think it still will be 2h tho but we will see…

If they would “fix” 1h weapons tho…maybe make daggers useful for everyone at last…then I guess less ppl would complain… but I don’t see any hope for that yet…
Well shields will get magic def…that’s something at least… just not enough xD