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Wizard- What better build for the current pve?

I’m coming back and I’ve always played wizard and sword. I want to know which build is better for PVE for mage?

Check out the ranking on the website to see what’s currently the meta build:

Most popular build right now is Pyro-Ele-Tao. Very good AoE and fairly easy for new/returning players, not the best boss damage, though.

Pyro-Ele-Onmyoji is an alternative, but not as good and a bit harder to play.

Then there’s Sorcerer-Necro-Featherfoot which is amazing against bosses but no AoE.

Not sure about Featherfoot-Shadowmancer-Taoist.

Cryo-Psychokino-Onmyoji is for some added CC which is useful in some content.

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I have a cryo - sage - psychokino for control and it works very well on singularity. A different version of cryo - psychokino - onmyoji.
There’s terramancer - psychokino - onmyoji that works with genbu armor art. Never played it myself to say anything.

Show! I’ll try :Sorcerer-Necro-Featherfoot / terramancer - psychokino - onmyoji