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Wizard magic shield is SO LOUD

Can i edit the game file to remove the sound?



Someone share my hatred for the stupid noise the shield make :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Make it 3 than, because I hate that skill noise

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Stop using the skill?

It eats even more SP… while many ppl cry about SP costs…

omg sorry to necro this but holy god this sound!
how the hell is this a thing. just started playing and cast this while fighting and the fight ended and this siren is going off non stop. it sounds like something is wrong. i spent 15 minutes looking through everything trying to find where it was coming from. this plus “enchant fire” is enough to make me quit the game. who in their right mind picked this sounds and then said “yeah. this will be cool to hear non stop for 30 minutes!”

Go to settings and reduce the sound effect option. I overall lower my sound effects cause I’m listening to music or chatting. I didn’t even know this was a thing.

I am still looking for solutions, turning all sound effect down is not a good solution.
We only need those annoying buff sound effect to be muted. @staff

I totally agree - it’s annoying as hell. How can we turn off the sound of this shield?!