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Wizard Magic attack

Good day TOS friend wanna ask what is your guys magic attack? because for now i just 12k magic attack solo CM in outer 15 quite hard =.=, may i know how many magic attack mean good in PVE and PVP.


hi lumo wanna ask u using staff or rod ?

(rod for pvp)

Yo bro wanna ask what is ur build?

ele pyro tao

I do solo CM with Warlock-Bokor and Cryo-Kino both 15k matk and I have no problem clearing Outer 15 CM quickly. If you struggle, maybe your def is too low? I use Solmiki full cloth set for roughly 20k def and I can practically tank the mobs without much trouble.

My equips are pretty trash I think for this meta’s standard with only 13k matk

It might be a build problem. My main is a Pyro - Ele - Tao and it clears CM5 for me the fastest. Even me Pyro - Ele - Alch clears as fast or faster than some of my other builds despite Alch being totally useless in CM damage wise.

  • For reference, my Pyro - Ele - Tao clears the CM5 mobs with around 7:45 min left
  • My second fastest is a Sorc - Necro - Bokor which clears CM5 mobs with around 7:20 min left
  • Most of my other builds clear CM5 mobs beyond the 7 min mark, taking about 6:40 min left to 7 min left for builds like Cryo - Ele - Tao/Bokor - Warlock - Shadow/Feather - Warlock - Necro
  • My slowest builds are those that had less than 6 min left, such as Warlock - Shadow - Onmyo/Tao - Chrono - Rune

So you see, builds do play a large part in clearing CM. I still can clear with my 13k matk with my builds that have weaker AOE capabilities but still doable.

Also don’t mind me asking, how do you allocate your skill points for Warlock - Bokor or how is your skill rotation like? I have a build that is Warlock - Bokor - Shadow which is a pure dark build but I can’t seem to clear CM as fast as my other builds. The problem is probably with Shadowmancer but I kinda want to keep it since I want to get all the classes. I tried another Shadowmancer build which is Warlock - Onmyoji - Shadowmancer but it is even worse.

Yeah build is certainly important in CM. My WL-FF-Shadow is slow even with 21.8k matk and maxed attributes, meanwhile my Pyro-Psycho-Onmyo can clear much faster with almost no attributes. Heck, my Barb-Cata-Hacka with 16k attack clears faster than my geared up Shadowmacer.

The only AoE you have with shadow are Conjuration and Condensation, which are quite weak, so you need quite a lot of matk and attributes to make them do significant damage.

Warlock is much better than shadow at AoE, but it still quite bad compared to many classes. The strongest thing about warlock is the burst potential with the spirits, but that’s mostly a single-target thing. Can one-shot bosses all the way to stage5 though, that is fun for sure.

For Warlock: max Claw/Mastema/Ghastly Trail/PoA, 1 in Theurge, rest (3) in Invocation. Note that I’m also using a Mastema and an Invocation gem for gloves/boots for an extra point in those skills.

For Bokor: max Damballa/Samediveve/Bwa Kayiman/Effigy, 5 in Hexing and Zombify. I’m not skilling Mackangdal because I’m only using this char for PvE.

My third class is Sorcerer, the summon does constant damage, the salamion keeps blinding foes, the servant is nice when you need extra defense, plus you get extra attack skills that buff your summons further which work fine (Evocation + Desmodus).

Skill rotation depends on CM stage. Stage 1: prep summons + Zombify to get zombies. Stage 5: summon servant for all the cool buffs + Samediveve for extra hps. Usually for stage 1 & 2 I simply go with Invocation to build spirits and leave Marnox and the zombies do all the job for a minute while I go semi afk, then when the boss appears go Theurge + Ghastly Trail + Evil Sacrifice and it’s over. For stages 3 to 5, rotation is usually Invocation - Evocation - Damballa (to get time prepping the following) - attacks skills (Desmodus, Demon Scratch + either PoA or Mastema, whichever is not on CD) - Bwa Kayiman (to stop enemies while Damballa goes off CD) - Damballa again - then finish with Theurge + Ghastly Trail + Evil Sacrifice.

Yes that’s more for bossing. For CM I prefer Sorcerer simply for the constant damage. Warlock - Onmyoji - Shadowmancer is pure PvP, I wouldn’t use the build to clear CM.