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Wizard Class Guide + EP11 Build Discussion

Previously I participated in the TOS Community Guide Competition and submitted my “Re:build Guide to All Wizard Classes”. I feel like the guide could be of much better use here instead of the Community Guide section since people rarely frequent that section. Also, I’ve updated the guide slightly due to EP11 changes. I hope that it can provide some useful information on the different Wizard classes, and also help old or new players decide on their builds.

Feel free to open up any discussion regarding skill builds. Also, should I just make an entire topic and paste the pages directly so that it is much easier to see at least in the wizard forums? Or would just providing a link to the guide like above suffice.


I found that guide via a link in another thread in this section and if no one had shared it I would never had noticed it in the guide section, so yeah it needs more visibility.

I think you’ve done a pretty good job at giving an overview of the wizard class and thank you for your hard work, and if you want to better it I think the next step would be going a little more in depth with each class.
For example :

  • list the unique interactions between classes, like which skills you can use when in rune of giants, the fact that you can negate the damage from Bokor’s Mackangdal using Shadow Pool or Stop
  • add a list of notable attributes for each class, like how Witch Doctor is very good on FF and Darkness Fear is very bad for Warlock

Of course I’m willing to help with the classes I know about because that’s a pretty massive amount of work

I’m thinking if I should just re-paste the guide with more info such as the attributes stuff or just provide the link like I did. I didn’t go into detail many attributes because I was kinda rushing due to the competition back then having a deadline but I would be open to make the guide even more detailed. Also, I was kinda focusing the guide more on PVE so I’m not sure if I would include PVP stuff since I don’t PVP.

If I make a new thread for the guide with even more info I’ll probably need more pages than the pages I already have.

I really like this guide! I really hope you would do something like this for the rest of class tree, but that’s asking too much.

What I like about it is that you actually share your experiences with each skill and comment on whether to max it or leave it. I think that is very informative to both new and old players.

The guide itself is great and doesn’t need much improvement. Except maybe add in some info about the attributes, like you said. And if you do decide to add some PvP info, I think it’s best if you do a separate section to make it more organized.

Probably would only be able to do it for wizard because I exclusively play wizard class. Been trying different classes since Re:build and EP11, especially with the dark classes now.

Think I’ll probably add more for attributes but I probably need more pages than my original guide thread. If that is the case, should I just re-post the entire thing in the wizard forum in a new thread and save a couple of posts so I can expand each part even more?

this is the best guide here, kinda hoping other people like you specializing in other classes would make the same guide. anyway this is good now that its in wiz section, i always look for this in wiz section if i need something on a new wiz idea i always end up not finding it and just looking through my bunch of bookmarks to look. Cool that you also posted it in wiz section.

Some really helpful info in your guide, thank you :slight_smile:

Love your guide! I wish all the other base classes had similar guides!

I’d like to add some typos if you don’t mind now that I’m playing Featherfoot-Warlock-Sage if you don’t mind

What you mean by typos? If you spotted any mistake in my guide feel free to point it out.