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Wizard best class- HEELP

wizard is weak and I need to decide which is the best option.
Chrono/Omnioji/Terra (Vivora staff) or Pyro/Ele/Tao

we still cant forget how obstructive pass nerf is.even if you gonna wear vaivora rod which only gives you like 15% damage boost and 40% cd reduction i still prefer pyro ele tao.

I’d go pyro - ele - tao. It is still one of the best combos (if not the strongest).

Pyro Ele Tao is best non-summon Wiz now

15%? Damage dealt increased by Quick Cast skill level x3% during Quick Cast.
Quick cast lvl 10 x 3% as 30%? or i fail at math.

you rite mate.the thing is i really underestimate many others.thanks to pass nerf.

wait 1 build is pve and 1 build is pvp, how to pick between the 2

PVE - Pyro/Ele/Tao. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: