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Will There Be a Balance Patch?

Is there or are there plans for a balance patch before the F2P launch?

Mainly because of how strong some classes are in comparison to others, making the choice’s a of building a character come down to “This class has some cool and fun skills… Buttttt the damage output or scaling is horrible”

When you throw claims like this you have to back them up with examples and (possibly) suggestions. Else it is demagoguery.


I avoided going into details on purpose. But if you’re looking for info about how strong certain classes are in comparison to others, im mainly talking about wizards, comparing them to archers and swordsmen. Both physical classes have extremely high dps in comparison to the wizard classes. Not to mention how hard wizards rely on the terrible scaling of SPR (which is useless to put points in) . It just doesnt seem balanced at this moment .
I have an archer lv100, and a wiz lv120. The archer heavily out damages the wizard without needed to expunge its SP to 0.

Reason I didnt compare in initial psot was to avoid a rant. Just wanted to know if plans are being made to balance the game

Wizards mainly shine late game when they have their rank 3 spells.

Until you are level 180 you’ll feel weak as a mage.

The mana problem is solved by using alchemist potions.

lol 180 is kinda high

And with Swordsman i can kick ass from lvl 1 lulz

and suck a fat one at level 200+ unless you went peltasta/con build.

lol and why exactly? I thought tank builds were ■■■■

I have a wizard lvl 70, I don’t have sp problems, I think the damage is good.
So I can’t understand why you say wizard don’t have enough damage,
Could you explain in more details(your class choices, and skills)?

Wizards shine late game rather than early game as other classes damage start to fall off at higher levels.

Yeah, i hear these a lot.

" damage fall off at higher levels "
" lack AOE damage in higher levels "

But how much? The difference is abysmal and unreachable through anything? Like, lvl 200 SM DPS 5k per minute in a small area, and Wizz lvl 200 DPS 50k per minute on half screen or something like that?

Well, i agree, i’m new on ToS… planning to play this game, i’m a fan of wizard/mage, but when i see skill list of Wizard… i like, wth, they dont want to make wizard can play solo, arent they ?

There’ a lot of superficial knowledge involved in these and similar discussions.

For actual damage calculations look here: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

Every skill scales with stats proportionally regardless of class, meaning there won’t be any useless skills. Most wizard skills recieve the same damage boost from INT as swordmen skills do from STR. So in general and with regard to damage, the LVL isn’t really important - i.e. a mage with 200 INT recieves the same damage boost as a dragoon with 200 STR does.

Of course, you can play around with damage modifiers (magic amplification, base damage modifiers, etc.) but - again, in general - the main difference seems to be the gameplay. All things considered there is no useless class or skill, you just have to decide which gameplay you prefer.