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Will still be worth it to have an exorcist?

To all magic clerics out there, is it still worth it though?

  • Katadikazo

Casting to 0.5 seconds, finally

  • Rubric

Old damage: 405% per 0.25 sec for 4 seconds (attribute) = 6480%

New damage: 894% per 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds = 7152% (also there is no information about the attribute speed reading, before turning a skill that is 0.5 sec for 6 seconds (12 hits), into a 0.25 sec for 4 seconds (16 hits) would increase the damage, but decreasing from 4 to 2 seconds would still be the same, does anyone have information on that?)

Now Sadhu changes

  • Prana

20% magic damage for psychokinesis, 75% for attacks of psychokinesis property (woop woop monks out there with the new double punch!), magic crit 15%

  • Out of the body

30% less damage while using it
15% of HP restored when using Prakriti

  • Demon Possession

Old damage: 249% per 0.3 seconds for 4 seconds = 3320%

New damage: 673% per 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds = 5384%

Reminding you that DP getes 14 targets while rubric only gets 10

2 overheat

  • Astral Body Explosion

Old damage: 508%

New damage: 784%

  • Vashita

Old damage: 941%

New damage: 1793% (!!!)

Honestly it doesn’t seem exorcists will have something that great to compete with the other classes

Also a big shout out for the monk lovers out there, amazing buffs received. Palm strike is now almost a god smash, almost.

ktos has this 2H mace, which gives +2sec duration to Rubric if you use the speed reading attribute:

So new Rubric with attribute and with this mace: 894% per 0.25sec for 4 sec = 14304%

The biggest problem with Exorcist now is not the skill factors, but rather the new raid boss which is Holy property, so you deal -25% less damage, while Sadhu deals +25%.

The nerf to Inqui’s Judgement will also reduce Exorcist dps by a lot in certain bosses.

monks do holy dmg :s not psychokinesis

How about taking Chap-Exo to empower the holy damage

Btw, is Sadhu any good after the patch?

if test ingame, dthere is delay before damage apply;
4 second duration has 0.5 second delay, so skill will only hit 3.5/0.25 = 14 time

now with new time = 4 second, speed reding (-2 second) it only hit 6 time

look at damage, now you have 14x649% = 9086% lv 15 100 enhance
with patch, you have 6x1430% = 8580% lv 15 100 enhance

so Rubric lose about 500% dmg without new 2hand mace compare to before patch

strange thing is, without speed reding, you hit 7 times now,dealing more dmg than with speed reding activ, but have to test it ingame to check if delay changed

For sadhu, Possesion currently is 11x398% = 4378% lv 10 100 enhance
after patch, is 7x800%x2 = 11200% lv 10 100 enhance