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Why TOS doesnt have More PVP Modes?

hey IMC, Why we dont have more PVP modes and just only TBL?
Honestly I dont get the reason to have only one PVP only , and just for players groups,

Also the queue times sometimes are too long, more now that many players leave the game to play games like Lost Ark where the PVP have many forms.

More modes = more different queues = it becomes harder to find matches
Unless the modes rotate day by day.

The queue thing is a really big problem , I dont know why was not like gem feud , in where you was able to farm, and join without a queue.

Or even if they reduce the pvp 3vs3 would make easier the queue times, or even a open pvp to solo in.

What u expect… They implemented 5v5 TBL when we barely have enough player to do a 3v3. IMC seems implementing stuff blindly without strong data of each server. :tired:


That’s some brainiac imc for ya
The population is dropping yet they make it require more ppl and even recently revive party search
They don’t even dare to make pk cause this game is all about cute girlish game

Just make a PVP map like RO. A deathmatch sort of thing, every man/woman for himself. But make it so people can’t camp the entrance. Like a safe area where people can buff. 1 uniform gear room and 1 choice gear room. And that’s it, saved PvP simple as that.

They won’t dare make PK area
Even tho PK area create another competitive feature that can be fun, it will also become very toxic
They just can’t except toxicity is inevitable in pvp feature
Look at gtw or tbl, it may not feel like it cause there barely any participant nowadays

More importantly they can’t seem to facilitate a field channel that can handle more than, a very low number actually, I’d say right now probably like 25, in a single channel
When the number goes above that the channel gonna get nasty and probably even crash
It can’t seem to handle all the thing ongoing in that channel

Also with more pvp there’s gonna be more findings and complaints about how the game being imbalance, its gonna be more obvious
Most nerfs, from small to severe one, are sourced from complaints in pvp environment which many many times also applied to pve environment
From my experience in tos history there were so many skills being altered because it was considered too good in pvp and end up make the class become awkward in pve environment as well

If they manage to keep up no reward gtw channel for 24/7 just to stress test it, imagining everyone left excited to do so, they may be able to do PK area
I highly doubt that tho
They can’t even fix dungeon channel issue quickly in some server recently

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