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Why this game is dying: Treating customers like trash & poor customer service

Hello friends, this is Defender your neighborhood noob.

Brief intro: Bought early access to this game, played on and off since then, not shy about spending money (To date have spent US $2523). Not that it matters still noobing it up in my velco gear no p2w for me.

What I have come to this forum to talk about is why I am strongly considering quitting this game. People have many reasons for quitting:
-game sucks
-friends stopped playing
-unfavorable changes in the game etc.
I have no problem with any of the above reasons. I find the game fun, my friends and guildies are still playing and I was excited for the updates. The reason I am considering quitting this game is due to the poor customer support experience I received. I cannot and will not support a game that treats its customers like trash and that goes for both my online presence in the game and my wallet.

The story:

As a player who hardly ever gets time to play the chances of me obtaining a legendary card were slim to none, so when the new package came out I purchased one and got my priest a nice DL Nuale card. Clicking through the items in my inventory I accidentally opened the “Class EXP Card Box” which expanded into a set of Class EXP cards. As my priest is max level these are obviously useless, not to mention that having a lvl 400 exp card without the matching class exp cards is kind of stupid.
NOTE: All items in the package are capable of team storage. The mistake here is that I opened the box by accident instead of depositing the item.

So naturally as any customer would when mistakes happen I reached out to customer support. The representative replied that they are unable to do that as the Class EXP Cards are character bound. We already know this so I try to reply where I discover that there is no reply button on the support site (who left that feature out?).
Having experience in customer support I copy the body of the previous ticket into a new ticket and resubmit the ticket pointing out that the box in its box form is capable of team storage and pointing out that the lvl 400 exp card is in my team storage as we speak.
The representative replies back with the same information and advises me to be careful in the future and notes that restoring the items would be unfair to other players. At this point I am frustrated not only does this representative not understand what it is that I am asking but I have to copy the body of this ticket and create a new ticket to reply.
Once again i create a reply explaining the situation as clearly as possible and providing 5 potential solutions to resolve this issue. The representative replies back with the same information and has the audacity to advise me to be careful.

What I have learned coming out of this customer support interaction is that the staff don’t care about their players. There is no reply button on the support portal because they don’t want a reply, the staff are ok with treating their customers like trash and praying that they will stay.

This post here is a last ditch effort to get this issue resolved and keep me from quitting. However that is a temporary fix to a much bigger problem. The fact that I even have to make a forum post and essentially make my story public instead of it being resolved in private is an indicator of that. This is my first major issue with support, how long before the next mistake happens? Will the support portal still have no reply button when that time comes? Might be here to find out and might not who knows.

@STAFF_William has reached out to me and has resolved the issue. The customer support experience received was great and I hope that he passes some of his skills off to those CSRs working on the tickets. My faith in humanity = restored.

EDIT: Apparently there is a reply button on some tickets, perhaps the issue is this representative closing the ticket. I will leave the original post unedited at this time until this can be confirmed.

UPDATE: Staff have contacted me and we are working on a resolution. I will update you as soon as this issue comes to a close.

Ask yourself if he was the secret GM would I have made tickets #2 and 3? Please do not derail this thread with klaipeda politics.

even if everything else SynSyn says is speculation, this is 100% true

IMC doesnt care.

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been with the imc csr eversince, my experience is that they have trouble with english language. :tired:

there was this one time i was given 3 different solutions because we can’t communicate the problem very well. i get to keep all of them including the correct requested solution :satisfaction:

if you provided slangs, idiom, and figurative english sentence construction in your ticket, it’s going to be a very long ride

“played on and off since then, not shy about spending money (To date have spent US $2523). Not that it matters still noobing it up in my velco gear no p2w for me.”

this for example, is going to be layers and layers of misinterpretation for the common imc csr

this has been like that eversince, i am surprised that this is coming from a player who played slightly longer than me :hey:

though i myself don’t quite understand the problem though? does player mistakes entitles for a resolution? have you tried contacting forum staff regarding the matter for a second opinion for clarification on the scopes and limits of their resolutions?

Thank you for the constructive criticism, my tickets were pretty clear of idioms and and figurative language. Here is the first ticket for example:

Hello, I purchased the Power Leveling Package from the TP shop and mistakenly opened the Class EXP card box instead of moving it to team storage. Could you please remove the class exp cards from my inventory and place a class exp card box into my team storage so I can use it on a character that needs class exp.

Kindest regards,

A player mistake is not entitled to resolution, however it is in their best interest to understand that their customers will make mistakes and weigh if the pros outweigh the cons on assisting the player. What I am asking for is quite reasonable; delete the class exp cards and send me another class exp card box through the mail/team storage etc. All the evidence is intact the class exp cards are sitting on my main as we speak none of them got used and the exp card is sitting in my team storage. The reason I am strongly considering quitting this game is the terrible customer service experience, I hold the companies I do business with to a high standard. If you treat me like trash you will lose me as a customer simple as that.

I have not tried contacting the staff on the forums, a guild member asked me to give this a shot so I am doing it.

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yeah, that is kind of clear. i mean, as far as the problem is concerned. though, the suggestion on the solution may be a bit confusing for them based on my experience owO;;

try contacting a staff (i would recommend staff yuri, though is always busy and may have a slim chance for a reply ‘w’;;; )

I will give it some time and see if one of the staff read this thread and decide to reach out to me instead. Until then 0 plans to log back in for any reason other than to give my items away.

but you’re only hurting yourself if you truly enjoy the game but is holding back because of this though Owo;;;

especially big patch today owO;; staff be very busy with incoming issues, and may take a while to tend yours (i mean, considering the title steer closer to doomposting)

you’re gonna miss out on some nice events as well Owo;;

(i try my very best to avoid player-side issues so i won’t have to contact support Oxo;; )


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Don’t want to sound like that person but I cannot and will not support this game if this is how they treat their customers. There are tons and tons of entertainment products out there all looking for my money (including indirect benefits such as having another player online to interact with). Thank you for the constructive criticism and have fun playing the game.


hello @defender - I want to ask about this? Is this a direct exp card when we use level 1 new user directly to 400 instant? Ausurine’s Power Leveling Package EXP Card (Lv. 400) x1

You need to tag staff members in such a post like @STAFF_Yuri, @STAFF_Bob, @STAFF_William, @STAFF_Amy and so forth.

Customer service is not able to help you in such cases.

Hello all,

Here is an update:

@STAFF_William has reached out to me and has resolved the issue. The customer support experience received was great and I hope that he passes some of his skills off to those CSRs working on the tickets. My faith in humanity = restored.


I’m glad your issue was resolved. I’ve quit games before because of bad customer service.

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