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Why the event haloween uphill torch getting squishier

i ve been doing it 10x3 times and now i feel like its so it just me?

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No, I got my torch destroyed with 4 hits in the first wave…


I witnissed the same thing - Hoooowever, it was archers more than anything else that did more damage?
Not sure, didn’t happen during the first few days; Is there a progressive difficulty depending on clears perhaps? :smiley:

yep the torch got squishier, 1 hit = 10%hp for me

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@STAFF_Bob please look into this as well. Happens to me too.

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i mean if they add something like “its getting harder the more you complete it” i wont complain but dang now not only the archers but every other monsters hurt the torch a lot. sometimes i even grab barrier just to be it took me sometimes to finish it and gotta change my strategy to kiting somewhere else cause back then i can just chill in mid using aqua benedicta that can 1 hit and grass that also can 1 hit when crit or 2 hits but making them able to hit the torch at least once.
challenging?yeah kinda.its just shocking me that the mobs now truly hurt

sapper has good skills for this event.

The Archers even cause more damage to the player, if you observe. Other mobs hit for like 500, Archers can sometimes hit for 4000 or something.

Isn’t there a hidden (or not hidden) feature that makes the Halloween Uphill event harder every 10 times you enter? I think someone said so…