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Why still no have Art reset potion this patch

My character in game all full art every skill
Every time i reclass to new class or other class
Art and attribute point from old class are waste. Not return. Can’t use
I must spend tome art and attribute point for art every time when i reclass to other class??
I remember ktos if reclass .will retrun art tome and attribute point from upgrade art right?
Why now itos can’t???


no love for itos obviously

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so many new item put on database but not released yet from yesterday patch

If you guys try to send a ticket, maybe they gonna put it faster (i already did it).


Where art reset. Potoin. :pepecry

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Thanks in advance for your answer.

Another patch and no art reset potion released yet :sad:

its gonna be a premium thing … for sure …

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Up for this one.
We really need this.

+1 it should be indispensable

Cash shop TP for shure :confused:

And what if somePatch by IMC changes some skills, you have to change classes, IMC does give free class resets and gear is changeable but then your main char you invested a lot in is stuck with a lot of unchangeable ARTs?

That is a error of IMC’s outdated class reset system.
And should be fixed by IMC, by making ARTs fully reset / return / changeable.



Arts range from being complete class changers, or great bonuses to grab ASAP, to mediocre, or good on paper but bad in practice, or straight up completely pointless and bad.

So most of the time people will grab them as soon as they can because they’re huuuuge boons, or accidentally pick ones that seem good but wind up being useless or worse than the base skill.

I don’t think it’s right to lock down our money until they’ve made every art equally as appealling, or atleast equally as complimentary to the class itself, in a way that benefits it as much as another better class’s arts would benefit or supplement theirs.

And, yeah, then there’s the issue with this game turning anywhere from 45-90 degrees every major patch, where classes can go from decent or amazing to garbage.

Tbh, if they have no plans to set a class’s balance in stone better, why are they setting our money in stone??


Lol. There’s always that one guy that sides with the wrong.

Up for this. Need arts resets.


Arts reset potion is 1 of the top suggestions in Korea right now. This is largely due to the high investment into enhanced upgrade arts, and the fact they’re raising the cap on those to 20 as well. The freedom of class changing is extremely hindered by investment into specific class arts.


I think they will have to give in, since everything can be transferred, reset, converted and even dismantled … now if they can only implement the SKILL GEMS retrieve … now that would be soooooo nice XDDD

Also, from beta, how come they didn’t bring back personal character store??? It was a really essential feature for MMORPG’s >.> nowadays its all about market and their anonymous sellers … cant even contact them, have to shout out to get the sellers attention which is pretty lame …

We still have hope about imc give art reset potion to ITOS right?
Or nope

Nice to hear that… Thanks for this information.

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