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Why only selected few skills scale?

I have some serious problem to build an archer wich will NOT end up being Musketeer or Cannoneer. The main problem is that those 2 classes have awsome scaling of power in their skills: 150%, 300% and in case of Musketeer’s Snipe even 400% of attack power as bonus on top of huge number, while other classes of archer… not really.

There are however FEW skills in archer tree that could be used well at meta of the game despite not being Musketeer or Cannoneer.

According to and skill simulator these will be as follows:

Stone Shot (Quarrel Shooter) 150% of attack
Rush Dog (Hunter) 150% of attack
Flare Shot (Scout) 90% of attack (hit multiple times)
Magic Arrow (Fletcher) 100% of attack
Singijeon (Fletcher) 200% of attack

Now if i were to consider build without Musketeer or Cannoneer, i would most likely need QS, Hunter, Scout or Fletcher, as otherwise my dmg will be really bad it seems? There could be some build with Rogue perhaps as long as there will exist backstab mulitpier items such as Karacha set, though its uncertain wether or not there will be high lvl sets/items with such bonuses, making Rogue questionable.

So now the question: is it possible to make an archer build that will not end up with Musketeer or Cannoneer?

I was even thinking about some Scout c2/c3 to counter scout c1+musketeer invisibilty (by having longer duration) with dex build to dodge the Musketeer attacks that would otherwise 1 shot kill me for sure. I also don’t want Wugushi because plague doctors exist and antidotes too.

Any help?

Maybe skills that don’t scale with attack could be used well in dex build?

you got multihit skills in “oposition” to “scaling” skills, meaning concentrated fire (2-16 hits), wild shot (10 hits) , spiral arrow (2-6 hits), the problem is that multihit skills get the full defense aplied on each hit.
the only problem is how it seems steady aim is working atm with scalating skills ,being applied in more than 1 step of the dmg calculation, (not exactly sure on the maths), not sure if this is intended or will be corrected.
But a sniper dealing 65k on a snipe no crit is something to be taken in consideration.

So, right now thats something to be considered at least when deciding to make an archer that doesnt get musketeer or canoneer on 7th rank. (imo we will be seing a lot of ranger3, falconer 1, musketeers around, with rank 5 at choice)

I think QS3-Archer2-SR2 is on par with those r7 build.
(280% aa + 30% asp from QS with grand cross + retreat shot from SR for aoe)

Good day sir.

I see some serious problems with math in your post - dont even know where to start ehhh…

First, I find funny that you included skills like Magic Arrow in your ‘alternative meta’ list - not because it’s weak (becuz it’s ridiculously strong if used right) but because it does not have any ‘special’ scaling. 100% from pastebin is just your PAtk added to each hit, same as Multi Shot.

And yeah, 90% from Flare Shot is not a bonus, it’s penalty, -10% of PAtk per hit, lol.

Real ‘meta’ list consists of multi hitting moves more that of with special scaling as @johnlocke noted because sheer number of hits makes up for any percent bonuses, for example:

Multi Shot at lv15. Converted into a percent scaling it becomes 1600%+224.

Snipe may show awesome numbers and such, but it’s more of irregular in the current meta. If anything, that damage is very suspicious to me, well, whatever.

And second is that you want to build your Archer to be able to outdamage Rank 7 at PvE and be able to counter them at PvP. As things are now, these two tasks are almost mutually exclusive.

If you want PvP counter you may go QS>Hunter. Sit behind shield, reveal their hide with pet and unleash your bestiality fetish

PvE is fairly simple. Ranger>Fletcher, Wugushi, any build that experienced archer players offer will do, my job is all the nerdy things and it’s over.



OH thanks for correction, i thought those 100% are bonus 100% (aka doubled dmg). I was confused with this.

Your post helped me a lot. I will try to aim for multi hits + QS.

Still something bothers me. Why some spells got 0% + fixed number in their attack power? They don’t scale with attack or is just mistake in skill simulator?

You can’t determine how strong of skill just by that % number alone it still have factor like multi hit(mostly not write in skill description).

*that fixed number may not mean total damage but rather damage each time

you need to understand “detail mechanic” first

I think all skills are scaling with your atk (wpn dmg + str) and critical (if it can crit)
When there is a +300% atk in the description it’s an additional bonus.

Not 100% sure though but you can take a look at :