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Why miracle seed disapears?

Hello. Sometimes the miracle seed disapears before it reaches stage 5. I got one today and at stage 4 it just vanished. Ive asked at the shout and people were pointing that if someone around the seed uses a EXP card, the plant may broke. Is something like that possible?

  • Server : SA

  • Team Name : Kahng

  • Location : BR

Dont know about exp card, but some skills used near Seed can kill it.
iMC should fix that asap, so dumb.

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I know for sure that FF’s Blood Bath will kill the plant if used on it.

Other than that if there are many players trying to get the buff - it may skip some players or break altogether (stop updating buff to all players). Maybe there is other reason.

some times by mistake and others cause some asshole go an kill it…

we all can agree that the fact that a seed that can be share to others and bring the community together can be cut off and destroyed…


Snow Rolling at the end of the spell will destroy it.

Lol, this reminds me people that who did not learn science at school and today are against vaccines, flat earth, etc. cutting a plant in game too.

It’s nowhere the same thing, your exemple is out of spacetime.

If the owner of the plant leaves the map (or gets too away from it maybe?) the plant stops buffing people.

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The plant can survive some hits I think or have determined HP. The Level Up waves could have destroyed it just like normal attacks.

it does warn you to return if you leave it

I really don’t understand why this a thing. This why I see less and less players using miracle seeds on populated towns/channels. Good job IMC.

is funny cause I see more and more on klaipeda server…

6 empty channels where seeds can be safely planter and 100 people can go use them… NOPE let me plant it on channel 1 that is read with 90 shops and only 4 people can get the buff at best :anger:

Good luck not fucking crashing cause am too lazy to go to another channel :unamused: and pray to the goddess some asshole isn’t part of those 98 out of 100 people on the channel…

They did a great thing with the smoke thingy where a message pop up saying x person used one, I would love if they do the same with seeds and statues, it would save me a lot in megaphones :smile: @STAFF_Yuri

Yeah, we all know that we can go to an empty channel in an empty spot and use the seed there. But this just kills the “community factor” of the seed, I suppose. I wish I could share my miracle seeds without any problem on a full channel, but that’s not possible. And I don’t think your suggestion is good, because I already saw people announcing seed on “X” channel and then troll(s) came by just to destroy it. That’s why I see way more less people announcing seeds on global chat (Silute). There’s no consequence for this act, so why not, right? That’s why I think the best solution is to make seeds indestructible.

you miss understand me…

you go to an empty channel > Shout out your FULL location (most people forget to ad where and what ch on their shout) and when you see people arrive plant seed…

that way more people can have a clean chance of participating…

as for trolls they are unavoidable no matter what if they keep the seeds as breakable… but it all depends on the community of the server…

a server full of dirt-bags will have less shouts than a server with less…

it been some time since I put a seed, I will put one tomorrow