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Why is there Protection Mode?

Team Name : Purifier
Server : Klaipeda
Ban Date : 8/6/2018
Description : Hello, I am messaging in regard to the permanent ban you issued to my account a couple days ago. I have never done anything to violate the EULA and Terms of Agreement of ToS. You sent me a vague reason on why or how I was banned. I don’t know what I did that got me banned.

Can you look into this please?

I verified your status, and it is okay I lifted your status immediately.

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ty ilysm staff yuri


TY for lifting my guildies account, you are the best Yuri!

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Team Name : Leomort
Server : Telsiai

im too, why or how i was banned, i don’t know what ided that got me banned.
@STAFF_Yuri help me

Hi @boyz.adiet

For the security of your account information, we suggest you to send us a support ticket in order for us to assist you regarding this matter.


how to send tickets ? @GM_Francis

Hi @boyz.adiet ,

Kindly refer to this link:


ok thanks @GM_Francis

status = Unanswered