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Why is there no "Vote to Kick" option in Dungeons to kick bots/afkers?

Question in title
It works in WoW, why cant it work here?


Although I’d LOVE to have that option, Vote-to-kick can be abused by trolls or griefers.
I’ve never played WoW so I don’t know how it’s implemented though.

Perhaps instead of just ‘Disruptive gameplay’, the report selection can have more specifics like:

  1. AFK.
  2. Botting/Macroing
  3. Etc.

But at the end of the day, we first need IMC to actually give a damn about those kind of players and reports.
Which, at this rate, will only happen when the sun rises from the west, since afk-ers and botters doesn’t hurt their bottom line.

Still, fingers crossed.

Quick edit: Does anyone know what happens to the players that have been reported plenty of time? Do they get some sort of punishment? Really curious here.

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nah the argument of “can be abused by trolls or griefers.” is completely countered by the fact it exists, has existed for years and works in other MMOs.
And to your question: also nah, nothing happens, there are bots known for joining dungeons at X times of the day and afking the entire run

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So you want to be kicked by 4 bots? Lmao.

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1 bot 1 afk 2 Chat Master and me

Watch and see an enemy guild abuse it. Chaos.

Use addon that auto logout when you matched with registered person.

Now make one pls

once again, dumb argument, vote to kick exists in other mmos exactly to kick afk/bots and has always worked. idk why it does not exist in TOS but it is needed

but they can’t get free stuffs too (all 4 afk leeching)

win-win i guess? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can try use RC and use rune of giants attribute on bots and macro and watch them stand still the whole match