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Why is the Game getting such an unexpected Powercreep?

Hello People of the Forums,

As many of you might know the game is going to get bigger numbers in case of SFR (take a look at the latest KToS-Patch [g-translated])

Personally I am very confused about this and cannot see why this is necessary or wanted. Sure one can argue for the sake of balance but…It really does not feel this way seeing even a 3 times higher standard max dmg.

Any thoughts or even ideas why this is happening?

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pve 2 hard need to make saviors stronk to beat the mean birdman

Season 9 is a very high damage meta, it’s boring.
Oh, wrong game, sorry…

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could be preperation for the next Chapter, probably still a ways away tho

My theory is that they looked at uniform Gemstone Feud and started insanely buffing things after the change on damage reduction formula, making Ktos their Guinea pigs for feedback on unpopular classes being buffed like crazy.

There is the possibility of dev gone nuts and we will suffer for 1 year, so that they will release another rebuild.


They realised rebuild was a mistake and backpedalled 10-fold.
Honestly whats even the point of more damage now, i feel like some class is gonna be left in the dust.

What im dissatisfied with is their imbalance of this new balancing, poor cannon shot got nerfed :sad:

Sadly the most unused/“unbalanced” classes, aside maybe lacking better SFR, they lack usability for the most part. So, increasing SFR all around will not fix them, all classes will still remain as they are now: some of them being more useful than others, but now on a higher DPS.

I know I talk too much about Sadhu in this forum, but using this particular class as an example, it doesn’t lack damage right now, neither a good buff skill. It falls behind on how to properly use the class. The same applies to Monk, Miko, Diev and Hunter, for example - the way they play is clunky and hard to fit alongside other classes, sometimes working only on very specific scenarios.

Not gonna even start on PvP… cause for me it looks like the main reason the multipliers are going up is because they 1) changed the damage formula for PvP, reducing it a lot 2) Creeping Death Charm + Pass

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  1. Most builds cannot hit cap right now
  2. bringing too many support builds for big things like GTW/Boruta Guild mission is very effective, but party limit cripples damage for raids
  3. not enough damage on many red classes to carry mixed builds (green/blue +red class mix)
  4. new lvl 400 HG already balanced for new damage SFR%

We should not forget that there is another point to the balance,too.

The skills are now scaling way better with SFR per level, meaning some skills became viable at higher levels and/or lower levels, meaning you can personalize builds to your needs without losing too much.

What one should consider is the possibility to balance damage better with higher numbers via the log formula as just a small increase in enemy defense will now result in a massive damage loss with the new SFR%.


Instead of nerfing a few skills for PvP, they simply decided to buff everything else… Professor Shadoko would agree to that.

Still hilarious how they decided to buff all Onmyoji skills by a huge factor to compensate the slight nerf on Genbu… The tiger will eternally roar…

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to be honest they aren’t that huge, they are at best average. Tiger is even worse than average, but that’s probably because of its huge AoE.

I am looking forward to dethrone hitting like a truck again. :slight_smile:

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I saw a stream of a Ktos player in TBL and almost all players die in the first-second skill (even the streamer), very fun


Ying yang: from 141% to 485%, cooldown reduced, no nerfs

Other classes: skills from 300% multihit to 1600% and stays multihit

Dragoon: dragontooth -2 OHs, gae bulg double cooldown, and the best; image
But hey, R8 dethrone is back!

They’re gonna buff other classes as well, actually all of them, I think it was 20 more?
They’re apparently also increasing the damage reduction in PvP (better be 99%).

My idea is that they’re just buffing every single class, so people who left the game come back to check on their character after hearing the buffs, see how busted and strong their character is and stay to enjoy it.
Except everyone’s broken now…


Please check the actual kTEST patch that implemented those changes. Some SFRs are quite different from what is listed on the roadmap post. Also skills that were not listed there are listed on the patch notes.

Anyone can explain me this?

"We will modify the damage formula to make Defense more effective in PVP and the final damage dealt in combat will change as follows.

40,000 Defense
Current Damage: 9,247
After Update: 2,198
(76% Reduction)

120,000 Defense
Current Damage: 8,302
After Update: 1,332
(84% Reduction)"

The “Defense” they mention is Def/Mdef or is another Def only for PvP? because if I choose to use plate to have more Phys def a wizz just delete me because I have low Mdef or is not in that way how it work this new “defense” formula or whatever -_-

Because IMC got sick of trying to balance classes by making them interesting or different from eachother so their way of fixing a less popular or weak class is just to give it 10x as much damage. Rebuild made the game easier to balance in theory, but IMC will still take the bandage fix every time.

I’m still salty that IMC removed Corsair’s item farming mechanic while every other class got to keep theirs and get new looting chance buffs as an added bonus. Corsair doesn’t need to be the highest damage class, it just needs its class identity that made it unique to begin with back. Since Scout made dual wielding a standard thing and pillaging only gives you a worthless amount of silver now instead of items, Corsair is just a generic forgettable class. I can think of a dozen different ways to fix it off the top of my head without needing 10x skill damage scaling, same with the other classes they’re inflating.

So you rather spam 6x Dragon Tooth for 6x SP costs and the same damage?

IMC did a good job keeping Dragon Soar as low CD skill with easy def ignore mechanic while making Dragon Tooth a burst skill for 2hand Dragoons.

Gae Bulg CD increase isn’t dramatic considering most people wouldn’t want to level it either way (just like Serpentine);
now you have AoE with Dethrone, defense ignore with Dragon Soar, high burst with Dragon Fall.
Rest of the skills are extras you can level however you see fit/you want to play.

Dragoon is fine, not over the top but definitively not bad.
Dealing less damage than doppel is probably intended to make doppel more attractive.

Less damage than Doppel.
Less damage than Fencer.
Less damage than Matador.
Less damage than High Lander.
Less damage than Lancer.
Less damage than Barbarian.
Lets wait to see what more class will be more attractive than Dragoon on this Buff Fiesta…

I have dragoon in my build right now just for the passive buff to stabbing, and since I don’t want to play a mounted class.

dragoon hop rete :3

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Yeah exactly, my point is how goon almost only gets adjusts, while other classes, some of them who don’t need it at all, get straight up buffs with no OH/cooldown/effect change.
Also it was already easy to get the defense ignore with Soar.

There’s not much to do to make anything more attractive than goon, they’ve always been distant with that class despite being one, if not the coolest looking swordsman class.

Is “everthing” a class?