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Why is SR so popular?

Never played Scout before (I hate pistols and daggers) so not sure it plays out, but I’ve read all the skills. Why is SR so popular? Why is literally everyone SR/Thaumaturge/Enchanter? The latter two supporting classes sound a little underwhelming from skill descriptions and Clerics sound better. Any insight would do.

It’s a bot build…

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Why do bots use this build?

less macro set up than other build.

Only press 1 button.

People pick this class for farming and that’s it. I myself don’t think thaumaturge is a good class, but what’s required here is the buff [looting chance]. So you walk, kill and farm. SR doing their jobs.

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Most players are using this for field farming, best class for that.

I love SR class and it is my main (currently ench sr linker), you can ride a mount and you are using pistol, cmon it’s awsome.

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boring yet efficient farmer

Sr is good for farm & right now SR is on top tier build scout if you are full stuff:

Top tier SR build: Reiter - ㅣEnchanter/ Assa / Sheriffㅣ (dealer) [pistol + sword], reiter vaivora, goddess normal attack set

high SR gameplay:

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