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Why is it that you keep making PvP focused changes when

When you don’t even fix all current PvP issues while creating tons of other NEW issues?

  • Heal is still useless trash in TBL
  • Scouts can’t invis anymore wtf is this ■■■■
  • Rodelero silence is still 10 seconds with CHARGES and no DR what the actual ■■■■
  • Warlocks can 1 shot people
  • TBL rules from 1997 still apply even though skills are completely different than what they were when the rule was created
  • Genbu armor still broken as ■■■■, omnioji obligatory for PvP builds because of this skill alone
  • Peltasta adds huge tankiness to even the most DPS oriented specs, why wasn’t this nerfed yet
  • You can knock scouts out of imunity

like the list goes on, and while IMC keeps adding tons and tons of “new PvP changes” not even a single one of these PvP issues are getting fixed, neither they will in the near future (seen as we follow ktos stuff and these ■■■■ arent fixed on ktos either)
like I can see about 2 or 3 new massive problems being created in the next upcoming patch, but for some reason all these issues are being ignore, wtf

I mean fixing these is SO MUCH more important than adding new ■■■■ or making that X or Y useless class be capable of 1 shotting people randomly in PvP
or even adding NEW PVP RULES what the actual ■■■■, FIX THE OLD ONES FIRST YOU DUMB IDIOTS



They took three years to (try) balance pvp in old class system… Then re-build came, and they started it all over again… Maybe in 2022 they will finally fix the pvp or implement a re-re-build lol


I stop playing TBL because all of this, just log in the game for gem feud, the only fair and fun PvP…
At least you have space to move and can use real potions on it.

I have no hope in IMC to really fix the obvious problems anymore u_u

Yeah, me too… To tell you the truth, TBL has never been much fun… But this Warlock supremacy broke the game in many levels, i can’t play anymore. Now i’m waiting some real changes.

My problem with wizz (Omny - Shadow - Warlock) is:

You have to: kill the shadow->Broke Genbu->chase i’m in shadow pool/teleport -> broke Genbu again->more chase-> kill shadow again-> Gyve armor-> then I use all my skills and they received 0 damage and I die in one skill, very fun…

And I can’t use my basic skil (cloaking) to hide and wait for my CDs -_-

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Heal is useless, because you can use pay to win potions (or they want you to buy them).

Scout / Archer is Dex based, and Dex is weak plus being physical damage? This has been a core design failure in 5 Stats as I pointed this out during Beta (guess they did not care).

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lol this post was flagged, haha

Im fine with the heal, haven’t even tryed it in TBL but ■■■■ healers!, it was always a cleric nightmare back then…

it is a cleric nightmare still now, with genbu all over the place and even rlly strong ppl not being able to break that god fking ■■■■ skill

NERF - (Omny - Shadow - Warlock)

Why is that so hard? People don’t play TBL because of this terrible broken class! Wake up! Please!


To be fair, you kinda need kino’s magnetic force to perform in pvp, so the best build is kino - shadow - onmy.

In TBL all you need to do is catch someone in an MF, infernal them, and unload.

In general, genbu is the problem and IMC is aware of it

youre just straight up wrong.
I have not seen a single kino in TBL since the meta settled a couple of months ago. the two problematic builds are:
shadow - onmyoji - chrono
shadow - onmyoji - warlock
both have huge survivability with either double shadow (chrono) and the orbs that make you immune to attacks (youre virtually imune to everything with AOE attack ratio as current warlock), only difference is you opt between infinite support (chrono) or 1-shot potential (warlock), and theyre both way over the top and superior to all other classes and builds in PvP by a huge milestone. as in you can not even compete.

I am jealous that your server still does TBL. NA gave up. It is certainly possible that the meta evolved on servers that give a ■■■■.

If I know a wizzy doesn’t have kino I can just endlessly kite them with little fear of recourse. My main point is that the problem is onmyoji. If wizards aren’t one-man armies with Genbu, they will need kino to get people off of them.

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