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Why is g.a.y. cesored

straight, lesbian, bi, noob, whatever, isnt, why is g.a.y. censored is it wrong to be gay accoring to gm here?



I’ve been wondering about this for quite some time now too, just seeing the word gay censored just doesn’t look right to me.

is censored in most mmorpg because people still use it as an insult

meanwhile things like Fa*** t and Ni*** r are not censored in TOS

i can’t say “thunder” ingame Owo;;;

now i have to spell it as “tsunder”

Because it is a common insult between straight people. Nothing against gey.

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because people isn’t allowed to be happy in this game


Everybody gangsta until they get insulted of “wallet” in ToS.
just try to type it in game

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i remember in one MMO, i think it was RF Online.
there was a certain Porn Star’s name that was censored, but can’t quite remember what the name was.

As a honorary gay I couldn’t care less, is that weird? Also a bigger issue arose here…people can’t say thunder…:zipper_mouth_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:

what does “hunde” mean?

I’ve tried google and it means dogs in german/danish

I also found this

I can’t understandd why it’s censored

Hund is used as insult in Germany, du Hund.
Hunde might be censored because of Hundesohn which is similar to Hurensohn.

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There is nothing wrong with being g.a.y, it’s when it’s used as a derogatory insult that it becomes a problem.

Dood, at which point did you fail being a decent human being ?


prolly due to this :haha:


Exact same line of thought National Socialists of Germany had towards Jews.

maybe you need go to mmogo, find you need!

good luck

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