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Why i quit to play ToS

The are some reasons for this, and i like to say here.

1- the game gets really boring when you have a high lv character and you have to upgrade all over to have a new build or test something new in the classes

2 - leveling from zero to 420 is extremely boring for those who have already gone through the quest and have to repeat it all over again

3 - It is EXTREMELY annoying the mobs canceling the actions with the quest items, and i have to wait 60 seconds to activate again, and the mob hit, and i wait more 60 seconds, seriously, who was the one who decided to put this in the game?

4 - I can not do a combination of classes to my taste because it is horrible and I can’t find PT to do events or raids in the game.

5 - There are many classes in the game, 10% are meta and good classes, the rest 90% is trash forgotten around the corner, you don’t even bother to balance it.

6 - LETICIA CUBE AND GODDESS CUBE, the mechanics of getting items is an affront to people, TOS is a computer game and not a cell phone, I don’t understand why putting this random item deal in this game, if it’s money you want, Leave the game PayToWin, which, is not far from it.

7 - I do not have all the time in the world to do quest and level up char, and do diaries quest with various chars that gets VERY boring and boring. No one likes to repeat the same thing over and over and over and over.

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